Toddler acquisition of language is absolutely phenomenal. About a month ago, Soren was moving from 3-4 to 4-5 word utterances. Now, he’s saying compound sentences as a part of entire paragraphs of thoughts. His ability to communicate what he sees and hears is super impressive. I think every day he says something in a way that is new and improved from the day before. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: human development is MIND BLOWINGLY AWESOME.

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Once upon a workday.

Today, while writing report after report and written notice after written notice and listening to the speech pathologist play games and have fun conversations with kiddos all day, I began to question my career choice. My office is a little boxed off, double mirrored corner of the room in which she does therapy, so I get to listen to her fun times with kids, after which she sends them back off to class. Perfect!

Not long after daydreaming that I, too, was an SLP, she asked me to keep an eye on a (somewhat infamous) trio of kindergarteners for a few minutes so she could take an emergency phone call. Oof course, I said. What a wonderful opportunity to read a story to a group of cute five year olds who can’t talk good!

One child (who I had actually just been writing a report about) spent the first half of my story time shaking one lone die in a metal box. Not so soothing. The boy to my right and his amazing eyelashes was actually engaged and wanted to comment on every image from our story. The wee lady in the bunch is a firecracker, and she asked to go potty. Assuming that she’d probably get lost going by herself and not feeling safe about leaving the other two kiddos, I asked if she could wait a minute? She nodded and leaned onto the table to listen to the story that I was trying so, so hard to make a fun time. Almost immediately, she chattered something at me, the only words I could understand being “uh-oh,” “potty,” and “pants.” Her neighbor shouted, “A mess! A mess! A mess!” Yes, a puddle the size of a pizza gathered around her shoes. Did I mention that this room is about an eighth of a mile (literally) from her classroom and dry clothes?

Oh, and then the secretary came over the intercom and asked me to send one of the boys halfway across the school for picture re-takes. Yeah. Again, not so much the kiddos you can send alone for these sorts of things. And then I cried. Oh, ok, I didn’t cry. Actually, everyone came to my rescue and the day was saved. And then I went and finished some more reports and written notices and medicaid billing logs and stopped being covetous of other people’s jobs. The end.

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Another thing

Pinterest has also helped me to realize that all of my future vacations should be to tropical or otherwise warm-beached locales. Give me a warm beach and some blue waters, ya know?

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Having a kid is the most awesome

Two year-olds have fiery, mind-blowing tantrums of doom, tantrums that compel me to consider abandoning my child on strangers’ doorsteps (note: I WOULD NOT EVER ABANDON MY CHILD. Only fantasize about it sometimes…).

Most of the time, however, two year-olds are the most joyous, amazing, fantastical creatures ever conceived of. God created humans so there could be two year-olds.

I know that I’m more tired, less kempt, less independent, and more harried than I was before I had a child, but I’m also less self-absorbed, more aware of small delights in the world, more appreciative of and impressed by my husband, and more constantly and consistently overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. Totally worth it.

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A thing I hate

When bloggers have those stupid cartoon themselves on their blogs.

Like so:

And this:


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Things I’ve Learned about Myself from Pinterest

I like gray. Like, so much gray, all the time, on everything.

And white. Gray and white. Or grey and white? WHO CAN GIVE ME THE ANSWER TO WHICH WAY I SHOULD SPELL GREY/GRAY?

I need a library in my dream home. NEED. LIBRARY. DREAMHOME.

And outdoor living spaces. You know the kind, with fire pits/places and cozy furniture and perhaps some frothy drapes. Yes, frothy.

But seriously, gray. So much gray and white.

Kids’ rooms with at least three to four beds are awesome. Kids should share rooms, you know? And there should be extra awesome beds so their friends can sleep over in their awesome shared rooms that are awesome.

Clever storage is also something I value.

And grey.

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Toddlers make your laptop sticky.

Given all of the things I’ve NOT blogged about in the past months, it’s hard to see anything recent as worthy of blog space. Maybe the answer is that I should kill my blog? Let’s be serious, that’s not going to happen. My generation is incredible self-absorbed, and I am part of my generation. Cough. Or something.

As you all know, we tried to potty train Soren earlier this summer, but we eventually gave up. He would have accidents five minutes after going potty, and it just felt like too much work. Recently, Soren was becoming increasingly annoyed with the process of getting a diaper changed, so we always told him while being changed with his knees crunched up into his face that he wouldn’t need to endure diaper changes if he would (please, please, just) go in the potty. Louis and I talked about maybe using the long Labor Day weekend to devote ourselves to potty training again, but decided that no, we weren’t interested in spending the weekend next to the potty. Until Saturday morning of that weekend when Soren told Louis, “No diaper, undies! No pee pee in undies! Pee pee in potty!” And so, Soren was potty trained.

Did you need all of the sentences before those last two? Nope!

We still go through a few outfits and pairs of undies per day most days, but he’s pretty much set. Besides naps and bedtime, Soren never wears diapers any more. Like a champ.

Soren got a fish for his birthday. Best $0.29 we ever spent. Child is absolutely in love with his fish. It is, as you might have guessed by its extraordinary price tag, a wee goldfish. Soren named it ‘Blue’ for its color (oh, wait). Go figure with that one. He can sing his ABC’s, count into the teens, recognize most shapes and letters, and dance like he’s not related to his parents, but he has not learned most of his colors. Of course, he DID just add purple to his repertoire of known colors (pink, purple, white), so maybe I’m being preemptive in my worry. Is there a kind of color blindness where you can only see colors in the Barbie aisle?

You know what happens to your lawn that you paid a lot of money to have re-seeded and fertilized in the spring, making it emerald green and lush as a rainforest, when you neglect to water it for like 2 months of over-90 degree days? It turns brown. Sad. If only we HAD installed automatic sprinklers instead of spending almost $800 (after insurance, CURSE YOU ANTHEM) at the ER when I hurt my finger adjusting the sprinkler. Sad.

UPDATE: since writing this a couple of days ago, Soren has demonstrated his ability to identify both brown and black. So that’s cool.

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Perhaps you’ve heard that two year olds have tantrums sometimes?

HOLY HOT DAMN. Yes. Yes they do.

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Let’s try a little stream of consciousness blogging, shall we?

This old thing?

Soren says, “Bess you!” When you sneeze. Or when he sneezes. Any kind of sneezes, doesn’t matter who.

Soren tries to write his name, and he can kind of write S. Sometimes. He definitely recognizes his name, which is cute, “SEREN!”

He loves to hug and kiss his friends, particularly the girls. I figure I’ll worry about this being his favorite hobby in, oh, ten more years or so. For now? Totally adorable.

Dancing is his other favorite hobby, because he’s trying to be a well-rounded person. He also enjoys singing along with songs, which means a second after each word because he forgets the words.

This summer has served to remind me that I do not enjoy staying home full time with my Soren. I love Soren so, so much, but I love when he spends two or three days a week with grandma even more. And then I can really appreciate him on those other four or five days. By the end of the school year (where I was working 4 days a week plus extra hours on nights and weekends), I was fantasizing about never working again, but I think that I have realized that I am maximally patient if I get little breaks. I have a higher-than-average need for alone time, so I think this may factor into my love for my job? I really, really love my non-Soren job. And I think I’m better at being Soren’s mama when I get that outlet? Yes. Enough reiteration. Love Soren, love jobby-job. We can all work it out in therapy later.

I planted sugar snap peas along the front fence by my rosebushes, BUT I also planted in some sweet peas and FORGOT ABOUT THEM. What a delightful surprise! Tasty snap peas AND lovely colorful flowers that smell like heaven. Bonus fact: Soren will eat an indefinite quantity of snap peas if they have been freshly pulled off a vine but zero snap peas in any other situation.

My raspberry plants kicked serious bottom this summer. Mmm. My strawberries tried, but the slugs got most of them first, the bastards. I found an organic slug bait at the end of the strawberry season, so I’ll win this battle next summer. My garden continues to be otherwise completely inadequate due to insufficient light and really horrible soil (clay AND a million rocks). Bam. Pots on the driveway are where it’s AT.

We’re going to go for a walk! A family walk!

We bought a new bike trailer this summer and it has revolutionized our lives. Who knew that such a simple contraption could bring so much joy to one little family? So much.

Due to SO MANY VACATIONS, potty training is off the burner. It’s out of the kitchen, even, and sitting by the curb. In its place? A lot of BumGenius diapers. Mmm, simplicity. We’ll go for it again in a “few weeks” when “life” “calms down” a “little”. Whatever, I don’t even care.

Also on the agenda, weaning. I decided a month or so ago that I was suddenly SO SICK of nursing, so I cut him back to before nap and bedtime ONLY and if you miss it, it’s gone. Soren took it pretty well. With this structure in place, my sudden (but so vehement!) distaste for nursing turned back into “aw, special time with my sweet little baby!” But now, we’re all done for real, I think. Aw, I might go cry now. Next topic!

Soren is chanting “elephant!” over and over after seeing one on Louis’ computer.

There might be a dance party happening Right. This. Minute.

I’m trying to stop swearing around Soren, who repeats every word he hears. In context. Just go ahead and pretend that he says “oh, shoot!” when he drops that paci. It’s better that way. I’m actually trying to stop swearing all the way. So many good words, though, you know? Aw. All grown up now.

Now Soren is petting the elephant on Lou’s computer screen.

My parents taught him to count to five, and then he just magically kept going up to ten. It usually goes something more along the lines of “One, two, fivesixseveneigh, ten, YAY!” Huh.

Ok, that family walk is actually happening. You’re just going to have to go ahead and be content with this.

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But it’s true!

I’m sorry if you were under the impression that [other, non-Soren child] is the nicest child of all. You are incorrect. Soren is nicer than all of the other childs. I’ve spent a lot of time with him, and I’ve been giving it a lot of consideration, and I think that this is the best, unbiased, most true assessment of the situation. Great. I’m glad we’ve had this talk.

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