growing up

When I realized that I was about to turn 25, I freaked out a tiny bit. TWENTY-FIVE. My idea of age mecca when I was in grade school. A full quarter of a century, and half-way through my twenties. The age at which I wanted to get married someday.

But I realized something else. I would never, ever, ever, not even if you paid me a lot of money, go back to being any age I’ve been before. Now I am twenty-five, and it’s my favorite age yet. Last year, twenty-four was my favorite, and twenty-three before that. Would anyone on the planet really return to fourteen? Sure, I learned to snowboard when I was fourteen, and that kept me busy for a few winters. But the winters where I snowboarded a lot when I was fifteen and sixteen were even better!

I bawled almost the whole day of my twentieth birthday. What on earth did I think I was leaving? Well, I was moving back to Biola that day, so I was actually leaving Coeur d’Alene and camping with my family in northern California. But, I think I was mourning my childhood; I knew I wouldn’t live with my parents ever again, as I was quite sure I’d be marrying Louis in a year or two. And I did. And being married to Louis was (and is) far better than being a child.

For the first time, I’m feeling comfortable being myself. I think I could go to a movie by myself and be ok. I know that’s silly to note, but it’s something my mom said once and it has always stuck with me. I could not comfortably have gone to a movie by myself until recently. I haven’t tested it, of course.

I look forward to being twenty-six and twenty-seven, and even thirty. Ooh, thirty is scary because it’s when I think maybe I’ll be thinking about perhaps being ready to start considering getting myself a kiddo or several. I’m going to focus on twenty-six, actually.

It’s nice to be old. At lunch the other day, two of the other fourth graders in my kiddo’s class were talking about the Jonas Brothers and deciding which was “theirs,” and one of them asked my who my favorite was. I said, “I actually don’t know who the Jonas Brothers are…I’m old and boring.” And they laughed and said I’m not old and boring. If a fourth grader says I’m not old, then who could? So, I like being older. I recommend it.

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Once upon a time, I was born, grew up a little bit, did some stuff, and now I have a blog. I deeply respect the Oxford comma.
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3 Responses to growing up

  1. Louis says:

    youre hot

  2. Lindsey says:

    And then i cried at the dentist today. I am obviously not that grown up.

  3. cadiz12 says:

    i just turned thirty and i was shocked at how “eh” i was about it.

    but i agree: life is better as you get older, as long as you overlook the annoying parts like having to pay the mortgage.

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