Photographic Points of Note, volume 2

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this week’s edition of photographic points of note.

First, from Vegas:

This is a wine list from a restaurant we went to at the Wynn. That’s a $24,000 bottle of wine, which is perhaps the very definition of the word “unnecessary.”

This is my (really delicious) roll in its own copper pot at a different restaurant at the Wynn. This one (restaurant) was located in the suite tower, and we had a (really delicious) business lunch there. Seriously, though. Over the top.

There were also shenanigans.

That’s Louis, shenaniganning.

Changing topics, now. This picture is my favorite from fall thus far. It also happens to be the background on my computer. I was taking a walk with Katie a few weeks ago and noticed the particularly pleasing juxtaposition of the leaves and the sky, and went back a week later with my camera in tow to find that the leaves’ yellow hue created an even more delightful image. I love when that sort of thing happens.

Colby came along. I tied newspaper sleeves to his collar in case he, well, you know. Passers-by commented on “her cute bow!” Poor the Colb.

One of my favorite things about living here is the common commitment to taking advantage of any and all nice weather. Though, and likely because, most days promised to be sunny and perfect in Southern California, I didn’t feel driven to get out and enjoy it. Here, though, despite deathly winters and lots of rain, I spend far more days deliberately taking in the blue skies and fresh air. Of course, there’s also the little fact that blue skies and fresh air weren’t guaranteed with my sunshine in L.A. Anyway, we needed to be in Spokane a couple of weeks ago, so we walked around Manito Park before getting dinner at Huckleberry’s Natural Market. I set the camera on a bench in the rose garden, and, behold: Us.

We also went for a nice fall hike on Mineral Ridge with Steve and Katie. This is where I realized the full-force effect of my scaled-back fitness plan since our gym closed for remodeling back in August. Yikes. Here’s Louis looking out over the lake.

Here’s something that’s kind of fun:

That’s our front lawn. Notice the little McCain sign in the background? That’s right. A month or two ago, I asked Louis if I could put an Obama/Biden sign in the front yard. He said yes, if he could put a McCain one in. Knowing that the better-funded Obama camp was estimating an arrival date over two weeks away for mine, and that Louis would likely forget to order his own, I agreed. So, my sign showed up about 17 days after I ordered it, and, alas, two days later, a matching McCain/Palin one arrived at the door. Inadvertently, mine ended up in the left corner, and Louis’ is in the right. We also noticed that we sleep on those sides of our bed. Which is weird. (think about it) So, yes. Our house is advocating both presidential candidates. One will win Idaho, and the other will win the actual Presidency (oh please oh please).

This is the view from the computer lab at U of I. You’re jealous, I know.

And, like the last edition of Photographic Points of Note, I will end with the latest severe change I’ve made to my hair. Next to my giant (now very sad and dying and droopy) sunflower.


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