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I wish this picture were truer to life. This soup looks like a berry smoothie, and it is delightful. It’s beet and carrot and curry and some other soupy things boiled together and then blended into a magenta puree. Even Louis likes it.

Speaking of Louis, he and Chris did this the other day:

Allll the way to Chris’ house. He and Abby live probably five or eight blocks away, and Louis and Chris carried that couch the entire way. We have/had a rather impressive couch collection in our garage after failing to fit several into our basement through the narrow steps of doom. When they got tired, though, at least they had a place to sit and rest, right?

Ah, life. Good old life.

I had three good days in a row with both boys. I don’t know how long it’s been since this sort of thing happened. Maybe they both know somehow that I’m almost done working with them? I’m going to miss parts about both of them. I love when T laughs and wants a hug after I stomp his favorite pattern. It’s really sweet when C makes jokes and tries to be silly. I will not miss certain adults in both of their lives. I will not miss meds sabotaging our lives. It’s astonishing that I will probably only have four more sessions with each of them. They’ve been a pretty huge part of my last year and a half. There may have been a tear or two when I left my CA kiddos, but their parents loved me. The tears were mutual. It’s very bizarre to work with children in this way and then just stop. And I can still pop-in and have lunch with these little guys.

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