I have nothing to tell you people. It’s snowing, even though no snow was forecasted for today. I should have learned by now that weather reports mean nothing. I’m working on an assessment, and the kiddo displays coping skills never seen before whenever I’m around. I cannot catch the kid having a tantrum. It’s the worst good luck ever. Christmas is in two days, and because I finished the bulk of my shopping before Thanksgiving, I got over-confident. Oh, yes, that husband. Uh-oh! Now I’m making my emergency store clerks’ emergency. So, that’s cool and Christmas-spirity. I’m going to go do that. Probably after procuring a coffee, to be honest. Khonest.

It’s snowing, in case you were wondering. Winter wonderland.

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Once upon a time, I was born, grew up a little bit, did some stuff, and now I have a blog. I deeply respect the Oxford comma.
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