I had expected to write a blog yesterday in order to wish you a Merry Christmas, but it obviously did not happen

My brother has a new girlfriend. A girlfriend of six days with whom he shared family holiday celebrations. I KNOW. He dated each of the last two girls for three years each or something, but I’ve never seen him like this. He has lost his mind. So, that was fun. It’s kind of a good time to watch someone you grew up with go a bit nutty for a girl (or completely nutty). She’s really nice and has perfect teeth. Perfect. She’s also very tall, which is apparently something Ryan and I look for in significant others. Huh. Speaking of growing up together, my brother and I fought, fought, fought growing up. But when we played Scattergories last night? We kept getting the same answers. it would have been heart-warming, except for the whole didn’t get any points part.

It snowed more on Christmas, and Ryan had to ferry us in his truck from our car left at a Starbucks to the festivities at our mom’s. I made scones and nearly wept when my mom suggested prime rib (which I detest) in place of a turkey. So, she made both, because she is a nice mom and loves me. And I am, apparently, very spoiled. Also! My mom and step-dad are finishing up our fireplace for us for Christmas! Yay! Those of you thinking of perhaps visiting us? You may be able to sit next to a cozy fireplace while watching the snow fall. And behold, it will be very good.

THE SUN! IT IS OUT! SUNSUNSUNSUNSSUNSUSNUSNSUN! I just looked at Bri’s new picture on her blog, and it made me sad that it’s been as long as it has since I saw the sun. I miss seventy degree Januarys. I am glad I moved to CdA (usually), but hoo boy do I ever miss eucalyptus trees and the sun. Oh, and there it goes. Bye-bye sun. Wait! It’s back again! What a great day!

I really hope you all had a nice Christmas. Mine was filled with my little brother teasing everyone merrily, because he is so happy he wants to share the joy with us all. Except the one person he chose to tease all night. Poor Michael and Bobby (step-brother-in-law and step-brother, respectively). I have to say, he was very effective. There was much laughing and merriment. That’s about as heart-warming as things got; we’re not a very mushy family, as families go. Also, Colby is staying up there right now (since our front yard has several feet of snow in it), and even though they don’t have a fence and he can roam as far and wide as his heart desires, when we asked him if he wanted to go for a walk, he lost his damn mind with glee. We did not get eaten by a bear while on that walk, I’m happy to report. It appears that the bear has left the vicinity.

OH MY GOSH, this is enough rambling for one day, I think. So, Merry day-after-Christmas!

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  1. Jenny Joy says:

    You are so freaking adorable. Also! I love when you use exclamation marks unnecessarily.

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