It’s natural.

I’ve been trying to fight my natural inclination to procrastinate with the assessment I’m writing for work. My plan has always been to spread it out evenly over the alloted four weeks. Alas, very little of the actual writing has been completed (though all of the “on location” stuff is finished). Today I decided to stop fighting that and wait until closer to the due date and then cramcramcram, as per usual. Also, my last minute work is general superior to my carefully planned assignments. Ha! Take that planning! Anyway, I let myself get into organizing the cupboards! in! the! bathroom! The ones that nearly cause me to lose my damn mind every day. And they are lovely. And the office! I am writing this from the office. The first productive thing I’ve ever done in this office, and I do not exaggerate. The office is cleared and organized and mineminemine. Louis has moved his production center to the basement, which leaves the upstairs office for me. And soon I shall paint it the same blue as the bedroom. And then there was the part of today where I ran a load of laundry without soap. Which means that I got to re-run it WITH soap. Rad. And I made soup. Without soap, also, but that was good. It’s been a good day.

Have I mentioned recently that I adore Regina Spektor?

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