I almost posted this without a title, which would have been an EPIC DISASTER!

Tonight I will make bread! Maybe paint my nails! Clean the bathroom and do laundry! And watch the beginning of the Apple keynote! I know, not what you expected with that last part. I’m probably going to get a new(ish) computer soon, and Louis promised that watching the first part of the apple keynote would make me pee my pants with glee. There are some really stupid things about the version of iPhoto that I have (like the fact that you title albums when you import pictures and then that title is never to be seen again and you certainly cannot search for it.). So, I’m going to do that and feel excited. My computer is also experiencing some compatibility issues with the Time Capsule and network set-up we have. These are first-world problems, I understand. This is what a big chunk of my student loan dollars will go toward this semester.

I’m also going to put some serious work into that assessment that I am not rocking as anticipated. I’m so afraid of rejection! Better to not begin! Well, I’ve certainly begun, so better to not finish. I hope you are all having as exciting a week as I am.


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Once upon a time, I was born, grew up a little bit, did some stuff, and now I have a blog. I deeply respect the Oxford comma.
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