Let me tell you about my day.

I did not sleep last night. I was up throwing up repeatedly and being unable to breathe due to the nasty cold I’ve acquired. So, I called in sick, and spent most of my day in bed, woeful. I have staffing for an hour on Mondays, and as I was only leaving for an hour and Louis was home, I left the front door unlocked. I even remembered to turn the porch light on! I usually forget to do this when it’s still kind of daylight but won’t be when I come home. Anyway, so I was gone for one hour. When I came home, I grabbed the mail, as per usual, then went to open the door, which was weirdly cracked. As I reached for it, an older man came running out carrying a dark colored bag, shoved me out of his way, shouted, “Get out of my way!” and took off through the yard and over the fence. I was kind of shrieking confusedly (“Wait, what?? What’s going on? What??”), and Louis was only a second or two behind him. Louis followed him for a little ways, but was barefoot (it was about 20 degrees outside) and had to stop. What I’m saying is that Louis and Jon were there, just in the basement, and this man came in and robbed our house. He took my old laptop (but left my newer one), my Canon camera (so sad!), and a few trinkets (a watch and a knife and some coins and a harmonica) from Louis’ underwear drawer. He went all cliche burglar and pulled Louis’ dresser drawers out all over the bedroom, which is stunningly violating. He took a pillow case from Lou’s pillow, too, for his loot. My phone, for some reason, wouldn’t connect to 911, so Jon kindly used his to do so. There were several police cruisers close by at the time, so they drove around looking for the guy pretty quickly afterward, and an officer walked around the house and asked us questions. Fortunately, we had serial numbers, so our things will pop up on the national registry if the thief tries to pawn them.

As infuriating and scary as it was, I’m sad for the guy. He reeked of alcohol and was wearing lots and lots of layers; he is likely homeless. I’m sure our insurance will cover the lost items, but this guy was desperate. The officer said a very similar man robbed a nearby house in a very similar fashion yesterday, so they’re already on the lookout for him. We certainly won’t be leaving our door unlocked for any reason anymore. Louis was home! I was only gone for an hour! What the eff! Louis lived in Whittier his whole life, then he gets robbed once he moves here. Good grief.

Then I went to class, and now I continue to feel sick. Blech. The Sea Bands have helped quite a bit, though, I must say, bless their little hearts. I’m going to try to eat something and then try to get some sleep tonight.

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3 Responses to Let me tell you about my day.

  1. amy katherine says:

    What a bad day. :(

  2. Katie Hund says:

    oh my GOSH. what the crazy? you are being messed with by the gods. just kidding?? maybe.

    on another note–sea bands. they worked for a friend of mine too!

    good lucks

  3. Amanda Lane says:

    :( so sad.

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