Nothing more scintillating than someone telling you about their dreams, right? Right.

So, last night I dreamed for the first time that the baby was a boy. I haven’t told Louis, but I’m sure this is delightful news to him. You see, while I wanted a boy first all growing up, the last year and a half or so I’ve had a lot of dreams in which I had a little girl (and only a little girl) and this has led me to really want a girl. I also was giving him formula, and I didn’t have a bassinet, and he was like a 6-month old at birth, and all my friends hated me for having a kid. So, I think it was a conglomeration of all the things I’m worried about rather than a taste of what’s to come. Oh, and Louis was really busy and I think we weren’t in our house for some reason, like we lost it or something. I didn’t realize that I was worried it will be a boy; I actually think I’ll be delighted with the news either way. That being said, I’ve felt very strongly that it’s a girl and haven’t been shy about saying so; I think I’m worried about having to admit my feeling was wrong more than anything. I hear dreams are particularly, ah, colorful and vivid during pregnancy, so perhaps this will become a regular feature around here. Oh, good.

Yesterday was the first day of my second trimester, which means the baby is roughly the size of a medium shrimp and weighs almost an ounce. I have also officially gained my first pound since becoming pregnant (meaning, I’ve gotten back everything I lost to morning sickness, plus one). The baby counts for a massive one-sixteenth of that. Rad. I’ve also transitioned from eating constantly to avoid throwing up despite hating the thought of horrible, horrible food to OH MY GOSH I MUST EAT EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW OR DIE. Perhaps these two facts are related? Magical, magical time.

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  1. Cory says:

    So I meant to tell you this at staffing, but I also dreamt that you had a boy the other night. Like, you had had the baby, and it was a boy, but you were also still pregnant with the same baby boy.

    What does it mean when someone else dreams about your baby?

  2. Anastasia says:

    Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant too. It’s a recurring dream where I am pregnant and I am freaking out about being pregnant and seriously trying to figure out how to get out of being a mother. True story. I thought to myself in my dream that maybe I should call you and tell you that I was pregnant but then I decided to keep it a secret in case I “ended things” (WHAT!?) Then, I did what I always do in my dreams and that is to start thinking “wait, how is this possible I am pregnant?” And then I always realize that it is IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO BE PREGNANT. And then I convince myself in my dream THAT THE DREAM IS AN ILLUSION AND THAT I AM BEING LIED TO IN THE DREAM WORLD BECAUSE IN REALITY SUCH THINGS ARE NOT POSSIBLE.

    The dream always ends with me being really relieved that I am not actually pregnant.

    What does that mean?!

  3. brianna. says:

    I had a dream last night that three different guys were proposing to me, and one of them offered a very pretty ring. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!

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