Peer Pressure

My mom asked me the other day if she should get “one of those myspace or facebooks?”

I said no, please, please no.

I have facebook for communicating with my friends of similar ages, particularly those who live in other states. My mom could call, text, or stop by my house. My mother also is hardly able to turn on the computer. Her typing is, well, glacial. Because she’s as computer illiterate at she is, I asked why on earth she was asking that question, even. She said that she keeps hearing (on Fox News, naturally) about people her age who have and love social networking. She was worried that she was missing out on something that everyone else and their mom are doing. She feared that I was embarrassed by her lack of facebook status updates. I told her no. I emphatically assured her of my gratefulness for her lack of presence on facebook.

Louis and I have struggled with what to put on our myspace and facebook pages since the early days. When it’s just your close friends your age, it’s not difficult to be much like how you’d be with them. I realize that for some this begs the question “why on earth, then, would you have myspace instead of hanging out with them for real?” Nevermind that question. Shh. But as kids or adults we knew from (particularly conservative) churches added us as friends, it became more of a challenge to actually enjoy ourselves on the respective social networking site and became a constant game to make sure they saw only the sparkly clean image they saw on Sunday mornings.

Neither Louis nor I have a problem with contextually used “swear” words or responsible alcohol consumption. We found ourselves constantly restricting any hints that either of these facts were true about us, though. Not that there aren’t times and places for putting on your best behavior, but it’s frustrating when something you appreciate for not requiring your best behavior starts to initiate feelings of guilt for things you have done that you don’t think are wrong in any way. And while I have enjoyed many a glass of wine with my mother, she isn’t crazy about my minor swearing habit, and I’d feel bad for letting her see it in print.

I think she’s happier without facebook, anyway.

Yes, I realize that I just wrote a blog post about facebook. Shut.

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2 Responses to Peer Pressure

  1. Elessar says:

    It seems to me having your true self on Facebook is a good teaching opportunity to those people that don’t understand that drinking isn’t wrong and that occasional swearing doesn’t mean you’re backsliding into the flames of hell.

  2. Amanda Lane says:

    It’s unfortunate that some define following Christ as following a goofy, unscriptural list of do’s and dont’s, eh?

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