Woe and all of that

So, the pregnancy books, maybe I’ve mentioned, tell me that I’m no longer nauseated or getting up in the middle of the night to go pee. The pregnancy books are so funny. Unfortunately, I’ve realized that the two are connected. While I have no problem eating cereal in the morning, drinking water early in the day makes me feel very, very ill. In fact, several times recently, I’ve had to get up before I was done sleeping to eat some cereal so that I could make it to eight hours of rest without dying of starvation first. Anyway, I cannot handle drinking water (or any calorie free liquid- juice or milk- good, tea- bad) until about noon, but I still need a great deal of water in order to survive. The baby is encased in a sack full of rapidly emptying and refilling liquid, let’s not forget. So, what happens is that I drink more and more water as the day progresses, and at bedtime, I usually find myself so parched that I’ll down a whole glass. Which is stupid, as I’m becoming increasingly bitter at my 12, 2, and 5 am bathroom visits. It’s not like I can help it, though. I have to drink water sometime, and I’ve only got the 10 hours between noon and bedtime to do so. Anyway, I just realized the connection between the two symptoms that refuse to quit. Also, there’s the part where the baby enjoys hanging out right about the perfect place to insure there will be no completely successful bladder emptyings during the part of the day where I am anything other than horizontal. When I lie down, he’s all, “Hey! There’s so much space! I should check out other parts of this here uterus!” And then, lo, I awake a zillion times to do what I should have been doing all damn day.

On a brighter note, I finally saved up enough coffee money (since I’m kind of anti-coffee, right now) to buy a Chi flat iron, and OH MY GOSH. The thing is magic. I only regret that I’ve wasted so many incredible, expensive haircuts on my old, inadequate flat iron. It’s like I can see for the first time.

And you wonder why I haven’t been blogging lately. Ha!

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