I now smell suspiciously like baby

I was holding my nearly six week old nephew a little bit ago while his two and a half year old sister unabashedly made it clear she all but worships Uncle Louis. I still refer to her as “baby,” and they both seem very, very young. Yet, they will be our kid’s OLDER cousins. Hudson can’t even hold his head up (though, my goodness, he tries), but he’s going to be ahead of my baby developmentally (on account of being about 4 months older). It reminds me of recently when I started working at a preschool instead of an elementary school. At elementary school, the kindergartners paraded around seeming far too tiny to be at school. At preschool, the kindergartners arrive from half-day school, and seem very mature. If I were sitting with a fourth grader instead of a four year old, I would marvel at how adorable and twee they were. Payton and Hudson are going to be the older kids at family get togethers, but they’re still very young, too. Comparisons are weird.

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