This weekend has been one of my favorite events of the year in Coeur d’Alene, Art on the Green. Though my mom certainly is more devoted than I and spends most of the open hours down there, I try to get to each event (AotG proper, City Park, and the Street Fair) at least a couple of times each. Unfortunately, it’s been in the high 90′s all weekend, making for a rather hot experience. While I’ve spent most of my life not really liking ice or air conditioning, I would seriously consider marrying either of them right now. SO HOT. How am I? Hot. Now you don’t even need to ask! Politeness was never so simple!

One thing I’ve noticed is how many women are pregnant. This causes me to worry about the availability of birthing and recovery rooms at the hospital. Being due about 9 months after the largest snowstorm in Coeur d’Alene’s history is risky business; there is a lot of competition. Now, Cd’A is kind of known for its higher than average ratio of pregnant to non-pregnant women, but this is truly impressive. August and September are the busiest months for births in the United States. There were 14 babies born the day I was (August 18), meaning a LOT of women (though not my mom, fortunately for her) were laboring on gurneys lining the hallways. DO NOT WANT.

So, on top of getting our will finished and signed and tucked away safely and buying a life insurance plan, this is what I spend my time thinking about. No, really, I’ve been obsessed with getting our will completed. Being responsible for an entire person is hard work, friends. I also need to finish filling out the living will that the hospital sent me home with, which is a really good time. Do I want just hydration or also food if I’m being pulled off life support? WHAT? I know. Living wills are the opposite of a good time, though super important, of course. Like I said, I’m busy with lots of important things. Also, should we put a dresser in the place of the changing table? HALP. These are tough decisions.

I’m going to go to Art on the Green and think about pretty earrings and organic goat’s milk soap instead.

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