This version, hopefully, with 100% fewer zombies. No one needs that.

I don’t really expect that I’ll be able to think of a title other than how many days are left in the countdown, so prepare yourself for that good time.

My stomach is so far up in my ribs right now that I can’t even do the pelvic rocking that I’m supposed to do all day every day until the baby comes. Especially because he’s parked himself posterior (also known as sunny-side-up). Babies are supposed to be born facing down, but this guy is facing up. The better to kick me in the stomach right after dinner, I presume. Speaking of dinner, despite it being 90 million degrees outside, I HAD TO HAVE soup for dinner. As sweat dripped down my nose while I ladled soup into bowls, I had a teensy feeling of regret, but it was quite tasty. It’s weird how these cravings happen. I bought leeks and kale at the farmer’s market last week and needed to use them up, so there was that additional pressure, too. Glad I made it out ok. Though, now I cannot pelvic rock, and I really need to pelvic rock, because my stomach is full of chickeny-potatoey-leeky-kaley-goodness. And celery. Mmm, so good. Also, heartburn, damn it. Why?

Today I finally started writing down all the dozens of things I need to do before baby. It’s a very long list. Last night, our childbirth instructor mentioned leaving packing the hospital bag until 35 weeks as an example of a very late-packed bag. Ours is not packed and I am 36 weeks. I have now at least typed out a list of things that go in, though none of them are anywhere even remotely close to being inside of a bag. But I have a list!

I also only have 8 more days of work, as my last day will be the 20th. I was planning in my head to work the week after that, too, but when my supervisor mentioned perhaps that being my final day, it sounded so amazing that I consented. I’m kind of hoping the baby shows up that week, anyway. Really, any day between next Tuesday and then would be good, too. With the exception, as mentioned before, of my birthday. Not allowed that day. There are, of course, also benefits to keeping him in a bit longer. Things like being able to pack my hospital bag and buy a hundred size D batteries for the swing and bouncer.

I’m going to go ahead and say there’s a good chance that I’ll be rambling a lot between now and the baby, too. Sorry.

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2 Responses to 28 DAYS

  1. Elessar says:

    your soup sounds very taste on a hot day!

    I'll bet you could go for a nice saun right about now…

  2. L-kins says:

    I love impregnated-Lindsey ramble.

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