The sun’ll come out Tomorrow! Wait, what was that? TOMORROW.


This is the part where I lose my shit all over the place.

Commence losing of shit.


Even Tylenol PM hasn’t been able to get me to sleep well the last two nights. I have been so focused on being able to go to Brenda’s wedding (which was Saturday night), that I’ve hardly thought about what happens after that. And now is after that, and now is the part where I have the baby. THE BABY IS DUE TOMORROW. Imagining being in labor and driving to the hospital and, oh my gosh, pushing the baby out makes my heart race. I am pretty much a basket case, which I’m sure you can imagine is a really good time. Tomorrow. As in, the day after today. As in, TOMORROW. IN TEN HOURS. Not that I’m expecting him to come tomorrow, but still. His real due date should be Friday, and my history means that it should probably REALLY be the Friday after that, but I’ve found it easier to just go with the one my office uses. Due dates are merely rough estimates, anyway. But, seriously? TOMORROW.


Are you seeing a theme?

Oh! I have been meaning to address a terrible, terrible lie. Because pregnancy is 40 weeks long, a lot of people break out their math skillz and insist that pregnancy is ten months long (40 divided by 4 is ten). I keep reading things like “I wish someone had told me before I got pregnant that pregnancy is actually 10 months long!” on pregnancy sites. This is simply not the case, however. Duh. Only one month has exactly four weeks, and even then only 75% of the time. The vast majority of months actually have 4 weeks and 3 days, meaning there’s almost an extra week for every two months. And at the end of the day, it ends up being about 9 months and a couple of days. And you’re not even remotely pregnant for the first two weeks, anyway. So, pregnancy is actually LESS than 9 months. I’m sure no one who reads my blog cares, but it bothers me. And, as I just pointed out, it’s my blog. And it’s something to keep my mind off the part where I am FREAKING THE HELL OUT BECAUSE TOMORROW IS THE DUE DATE. That reminds me, I made coffee an hour ago. That should settle me down!

Ok, so about those pictures.

These are the bibs and burp cloths and cloth wipes I made:

And this is a wee hat that actually became kind of enormous (for a tiny baby head-TOMORROW), in large part because I used needles a size larger than the pattern called for. Oops. The yarn is 100% cotton, so I’m going to try to shrink it. Yeeaaah, wish me luck with that. It’s really soft and cute, though!

These are red velvet mini cupcakes that were (and continue to be, actually) delicious. I added a huckleberry to the top of each, and it was just the thing. Awesome.

Here’s a couple of the nursery with recent additions (pictures and the softest crib bumper in the world):

My garden has had a pretty successful year thus far, despite my pathetically slow start and intense neglect. I’ve gotten a ton of tomatoes, as well as some lettuce, strawberries, blueberries, chard, and even a couple of radishes. Radishes are my own great challenge; supposedly the easiest thing in the world to grow, I cannot do it. My potatoes are also taking over the world, which I consider a good sign. I’m working to get a couple of weeks ahead of my homework, as I’m sure it’s going to be the last thing on my mind once the baby arrives. HAVE I MENTIONED THAT THE BABY IS DUE TOMORROW?!? Because he is. TOMORROW. I’m going to see about that coffee, now. Also, I’m going to go freak out. Ok.

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3 Responses to The sun’ll come out Tomorrow! Wait, what was that? TOMORROW.

  1. Lyssa Rae says:

    TOMORROW!!!! Wow….
    It's has taken so frickin long and has gone so fast at the same time.
    How exciting………… I hope
    he doesn't make u wait to terribly long!

    On to another point….
    I read your blog….. Faithfully.
    I like it….
    Thank you.
    I feel the same
    and it has frustrated me how many people say so many different things!
    So anyway….
    Best of luck with baby having:) can't wait can't wait can't wait CANT WAIT!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!
    (ahh pushing……. Kinda scary…… *deep breath*)

  2. brianna. says:

    your freaking out is contagious. TODAY (but probably not)!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It was rather interesting for me to read the post. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

    Hilary Smith

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