6 Weeks Tomorrow

Soren is becoming more interactive.

He smiles at Louis when he hasn’t seen him in awhile. Sometimes he’ll smile at me, but mostly just when it’s time to eat (meaning, not so much at my face). Today, we did take a nice rainy-day nap all snuggled up, which was about as awesome as it sounds.

He’s trying so hard to hold his head up, and he can wobbily do so for a good number of seconds. He actually usually enjoys tummy time, and he really likes his new “book.” Said book is comprised of black and white patterns with colorful edging, and it has pockets for pictures when he’s older. We prop it up next to him when he’s laying on his blanket, and he grins and talks to the polka-dots and squares.

He’s making more noises. The goat-boy grunting is still there, but it’s been joined by lots of cooing and squeaks of various volumes and lengths.

He’s also getting better at getting (and keeping) his fists in his mouth. Yesterday, I helped him out for a bit and he delightedly sucked on his balled-up fingers for 20 minutes. If I’d take my hand (and therefore his hand) away, he’d whine inconsolably.

Speaking of whining inconsolably, I started “jumping” him on my lap. I hold him under his arms so he’s standing, then when he kicks down, I lift him into the air. A few days ago, I did this for probably five minutes before my arms got tired. When I stopped, though, he wept and wailed and nothing could make him happy again (you see, that was a valid lead-in). Nothing, that is, except for jumping him some more. And he’s so darned cute that I couldn’t help but give in. Aw.

Naps are becoming more of a thing around here as we figure out what works (knock on wood, of course). We only swaddle him (and only his arms) at night when we expect him to stay in his bassinet, and he’s still usually giving us a good 5-6 hour stretch. I admit that once it’s light out, though, we usually bring him into bed with us (it just seems safer when we can see), as it’s easy to nurse him lying down and neither of us really needs to wake up all the way. Also, snuggly time. During the day, we figured out that he won’t nap in a room we aren’t in; he needs the sounds of people doing things to nap. The quickest way to get him to fall asleep is to tuck him against your body with the pacifier stuck against your arm so it can’t escape. He’s usually out within a minute or so, then we can plop him into his swing or bouncy seat or car seat, and he’ll stay out for, often, an hour and a half. It’s made for a nicer environment and a happier baby. The exercise ball still plays an important role, of course, but we try to not over-use it in order to retain its speedy effectiveness when the situation becomes dire.

We went to breakfast on Friday and lunch today, and he slept through both tucked into his car seat. It was nice.

He’s definitely just as wiggly as he was in the womb. Perhaps more wiggly, actually. The kid is incredibly wiggly. Also, loud. Sometimes we wonder whether we’ll wake up and he’ll have transformed into a baby goat instead of a baby human. It’s happened before.

There was another paragraph here earlier, but blogger went all kinds of haywire, and so it’s lost forever. If you go to our flickr, though, there are videos of Soren doing remarkable and interesting things, narrated by me. You’re welcome.

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    the videos just show up as pictures. : (

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