This is a public scolding of Avent for making terrible nursing pads, and of myself for being cheap enough to buy them, betraying the faithful Johnson’s nursing pads that have served me well for only pennies more. And! For only a bit more of Louis’ hard-earned money, the Lansinoh and Medela ones are really nice without looking like there are cupcake tops in your bra.

When I bought my nursing cover on etsy, I thought I was being all clever. I wasn’t going to spend $32 on bebe au lait hooter hider, oh no. I was going to get one, perhaps with a minutely sub-perior fabric selection, for only $15. Alas, REGRET, I HAZ IT. The plastic piece in the neck doesn’t stay open, and I regularly have to cram my head into it to get the baby latched; the strap around the neck WILL NOT STAY PUT (gaa, gaa, gaa), and the edges are so short that the baby regularly kicks or pulls them up, negating the purpose of the nursing cover. I hate it. $15 for a hateful, barely useful piece of ess. I usually find a room to hole myself up in rather than use the cover around other living beings. And for the record, I use it not because of my own modesty, but for the sake of others. Once you’ve given birth and survived the early days of breastfeeding, modesty becomes nothing but a distant memory with hints of inconvenience. Most Americans, however, get really uncomfortable with the idea of breastfeeding (even with the cover), so there you go.

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  1. Gilleeflower says:

    I'm pretty sure the promo is still going on but the company Udder Covers ( not only has AWESOME nursing covers but has been having a wonderful promo giving their covers away for just the cost of shipping ($8.95). Enter "cousin2" into the coupon/discount box. Also, I heard you may have to be careful because some people have gotten fraudulent charges on their cards but as long as you watch your bank account/credit card statement its a good deal :)

    p.s. I have two of their covers and LOVE them.

  2. brianna. says:

    You continue to give me oh-so-many reasons to look forward to progedinizing.


  3. Amanda Lane says:

    Thank you for the fair warning, and for turning your predicament into humor :)

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