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Soren rolled from his back to his front for the first time yesterday. All day today, he refused to try despite my numerous attempts at luring him sideways. Louis came into the nursery this evening and leaned down into the crib where I had plopped Soren so that I could print something, and Soren grabbed a crib rail, hucked himself toward Louis, and revealed that his (disposable) diaper had leaked poop all over his crib sheet, Biola t-shirt, and onesie. Awesome. We still applauded his mad skills, though. Rolling over is hard work!

Soren got his third round of immunizations today. This, like the first, was one oral vaccine and one injection. Like the other times, I gave him vitamin drops and Tylenol before hand. Unlike the previous times, he didn’t cry at all when he got stuck in his chubby little leg! Woo!

I get so nervous about immunizing him at all, but there’s been an outbreak of Pertussis (“whooping cough”), and it routinely kills babies younger than a year old. Shots rarely do this, and the shot containing the pertussis vaccine was next on his list, so we went in today to get it. Because we’re doing a spread-out vaccine schedule, we have to go in between well-child checks for more immunizations. Additionally, within a week of every well-child check so far, Soren has ended up with a mystery illness that the pediatrician wanted to check out. Every time, it’s been nothing, of course. Anyway, we go to the pediatrician office a lot. Soren thinks this is fun because they always have some Disney movie or other playing, whereas we rarely go so far as to turn on our television.

Soren’s sleep strike continues. I’ve had to go in and let him hold my finger while he falls back to sleep at least half a dozen times since putting him down about an hour ago. He’s been waking in sobs, eyes closed and back arched, these past few nights. He’s about at the age when nightmares are thought to begin, and I’m afraid this is what’s happening. It is ridiculously heart wrenching to imagine such a tiny creature feeling sad and afraid. Around 1:30 this morning, after he finally stopped crying (and lately only I can convince him to stop, which is unfortunate for me as Lou and I usually alternate), he would. not. go back to sleep. I finally gave up and brought him into bed with us. He is definitely a wiggly and kicky and grabby bed mate, but at least I didn’t have to get up to go rock him, and there were no tears for the remainder of the night (Oh, the grabbing is so annoying. You cannot fathom how annoying the grabbing is!).

Louis has, after several seasons of pleading, convinced me to watch Lost with him. I always resisted, as I don’t like being scared and it looked like that kind of show. It is. This means that Louis gets to sit on the floor of the nursery while I feed the baby to protect me from scary things like Ethans who come to kidnap pregnant ladies and weird voices and polar bears. Obvi. Anyway, we’re both very tired from both having to traipse into the nursery a million or so times a night lately. I think teething at least shares in the blame, as a half-dose of Tylenol can usually wrangle us four good hours of sleep before he wakes up weepily again.

Soren also appears to be allergic to nuts. I realized peanuts were no good around Christmas time (orange poop from him after I eat peanuts and then nurse him is highly correlated with a later peanut allergy- the answer is to avoid them completely for at least three years), and poverty before payday made it clear that almonds are the other piece to the nasty-diaper equation (this one manifested as a runny, mucousy diaper situation before we ran out of almond butter and almonds and his poops became perfect baby poop yellow). Green, which can indicate a dairy intolerance when paired with these things, appears to be nothing other than a direct product of my Spinach Obsession. I’ve been really, really into spinach since he was born. And lo, his poop has been green. I like to talk about this at dinner. Want to come over sometime? I can tell you about the process his excrement went though as his body cleared the last of the almond protein out. It was…interesting. I definitely called the pediatrician in a panic.

Well, this has been fun. We should do it again sometime.

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