This one’s going to be a rant.

I should be completing the assembly of my portfolio right now, as it’s due in a matter of hours, but I need to get this out in order to clear my mind.

So, I’m seeing a lot of comments on facebook, blogs, etc. about the health care legislation that (finally!) passed last night (feel free to disregard that I’m aware of these things despite my portfolio’s impending due date). Now, like it or don’t, but don’t be freaking stupid. Most of what I’m reading is freaking stupid.

Like the really clever: “welcome to the USSA,” a reference to, obviously, the USSR. Firstly, socialism and communism are different. Secondly, it’s really more like, “welcome to a half-assed version of, say, Canada or Finland.” Because, seriously. People are acting as if we’re the first country since communist Russia to pass some type of national health care legislation. It’s not even single-payer universal coverage [offensive name calling omitted here by sheer willpower]! May I suggest you look at how things are going for most of the countries in Europe right now? With their expanded longevity and financial success? And bread lines? Oh, wait, that last part isn’t true. I got caught up in all of the fear and terror for a second, there.

No, it’s nothing like the DMV. It’s much more similar to how education is influenced by federal mandates. [see above].

While you are certainly welcome to keep paying for your child’s insurance until he or she is 26 years old, you are also welcome to kick them off of your plan when they turn 18. Or, hey, 12, if you’re in to that kind of thing! You are also welcome to let them live in your basement playing video games and not paying rent until they’re 26 or 36 or 76 (this part hasn’t changed)! You’re also now able to let your offsprings stay on your insurance while you collect their share of the premiums until they’re 26 if you want, since odds are that they won’t be able to get a job with coverage until they’re older than 21. And that’s only if they’re really lucky. Otherwise, it would have left your sweet daughter with the option of being denied for private coverage because of that asthma attack when she was 4. Because those bastards can. Or, could. HA HA, bastards! COULD!

“The end is clearly NIGH!” No, this is not a sign that the end is near. Get your head out of your [redacted] and look around: lots and lots and LOTS of countries have true universal health care coverage. What about this could POSSIBLY signal that Christ’s return is more imminent than a few days ago? NOTHING. STUPIDS.

Ok, I feel like I’ve said enough to calm me down so that I can work on my portfolio. My mom even took the baby for the afternoon so that I can do so without entertaining him all day.

He’s a little bit curious right about now. The pediatrician this morning was surprised how curious he is for his age. HA, genius baby! Also, I just want to note that Soren has started peeking around what we hide behind when we play peek-a-boo! Object permanence is developing (and so early!)! Tragically, this also means that he knows that when I leave the room I’m still in the house and if he cries I’ll come back around the wall I disappeared behind. Seven weeks to graduation. Seven weeks to graduation. Seven weeks to graduation.

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  1. Anastasia says:

    USSR wasn't even communist, that's the most ridiculous part. Clearly no one in this country actually understands socialism or communism and just like to throw words around.

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