Overheard in an elementary school office today

Today was one of those bizarre spring days where the sky is black and threatening on one side and sky blue on the other. While I was eating lunch, it was snowing sideways-and STICKING for the first time in months, then by the time I was back in the office of the school where I’m doing a school psychology practicum it was sunny and glorious and a bit later it was raining and the wind was blowing furiously.

So, there’s a little girl at the school who’s a bit, ah, high-strung. For fire drills, she’s brought to the office and equipped with a very serious pair of noise-cancelling headphones, and then she wanders around the school office until the alarm sounds asking shrilly whether they can be any tighter so she doesn’t hear it! It’s coming and they’re too loose!

So, I was sitting at the desk writing a report, and I heard the following.

little girl: “There’s going to be a tornado!”

secretary: “We don’t really have those here.”

little girl: “There’s going to be a TORPEDO!”

secretary: “…Yeah, we don’t really have those here, either.”

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2 Responses to Overheard in an elementary school office today

  1. Lyssa Rae says:

    I laughed.
    I read it to Jon.
    Jon also laughed .

  2. Cory says:

    Oh, Skyway. Oh, little girl. I remember her freak-outs quite well.

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