Sleepy, suh-leepy, sleep sleep.

Would you like to know how it’s going on the sleep training front?

INCREDIBLY is how it’s going. I’m a bit nervous that I’ll jinx something by posting about it, but The No Cry Sleep Solution is solving all of our sleep problems. No crying, no hating, lots of sleeping. MAGIC.

There were a couple of rough nights after my last report, and I was genuinely nervous that it was going to fail and I was going to have to pack up all of my attachment parenting literature and let the baby Cry It Out. BUT NO. He’s been teething (oh, gosh, I just realized I forgot my preemptive half dose of tylenol tonight) and it’s been so hot outside that we were letting the poor kid sleep in nothing but a diaper. There was a night or two where I got so frustrated that I had to just rock him all the way to unconsciousness and tell myself we’d try again another time.

Then, two nights ago, he slept for EIGHT HOURS without a peep. Yes, you’ve heard that before, but maybe not in 2010? It’s been a long, long time since he slept more than three hours at a time, let alone eight. I got to sleep for 5 straight hours! You cannot imagine how incredible that is until you’ve gone through 19 months of getting up all night long. You can do anything on five straight hours of sleep.

The next night (last night), he went out on the THIRD lay-down (and the first two were admittedly too early), then slept for over 6 hours (after waking up after 10 minutes for a cuddle). Tonight, he fell asleep the first time I laid him down in his crib. FIRST. He’s decided that he sleeps on his side now, so he takes a little adjusting once I put him down, but he’s not freaking out when I leave him there partially awake. Next step is to get him comfortable with this for a few nights and then progressively put him down more and more awake.

Attachment Parenting WINS AGAIN!

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