Would you like to hear about a dumb thing that I did?

The school district in town has a very, very long-standing position of not paying interns. Ever. Half or more of the school psychologists currently employed in the district did their internships for free and are perhaps still a little bitter (or maybe they’re actually all good sports who like their jobs). Knowing it was hopeless (or, “knowing”), I didn’t apply when a position opened up this spring. Even though one of the psychs on the committee encouraged me to do so. WHAT, Lindsey, were you really so stupid to ignore that level of prompting?!. You can see where this is going. They hired two of my classmates (who were bright enough to apply, duh) to split the position. Did I mention that I wanted the position only part-time was part of my excuse for not applying? I’m very happy for both of them, and I certainly don’t wish that I had gotten a job in place of either of them. That being said, I was incredibly furious with myself for not applying at the very least.

Cue June. Cue day where I found out we had to spend many, many dollars on our car and the dentist informed me that my teeth were in need of many, many dollars’ worth of work. I went looking for potential jobs, when lo-and-behold, this district had a position for a psych posted. WHAT. I know. You probably think I applied right away, right? WRONG. I dragged my feet for months, until a week ago when I told my supervisor that I wouldn’t be applying for the position after all, because, HEY! I don’t know anything about secondary psych! (not completely true, but an excuse that sounded good in my head- I’ll take the easy, unpaid year, please, thanks). Then, everyone told me I am a dumb for not at least applying, so I’ve spent the last couple of days asking for letters of reference and filling out the application and writing a cover letter. On Monday, the position was still posted. Today, the position is not posted. I ALMOST just ran the application over to the district office on Monday, albeit missing a few pieces, just to get it in. But, no. Now my only choice is the easy, unpaid option (because I am a wuss), and that isn’t the option that I WANT. Wah, wah, wah.

Anyway, I’ve had a brief pity party, curled up in our red chair, but I’ve decided that I’m not allowed anymore of that, especially today. Louis has seen to it that I’ve had a delightful and very nice birthday. He let me sleep in, made me coffee, showered me with presents and flowers and chocolates, then watched the baby so that I could go to yoga without worrying that I’d get paged in the middle of a sun salutation or something. And oh, it was such a good yoga class. Then, I had lunch with my mom and now I’m lounging (and pouting) while Soren naps and Louis cleans my car. We’re going to go drop Soren off at my mom’s for the night in just a little bit (which, YIKES!), then go to dinner and a going away party for our friends. Our friends who we are sad to see leaving. Like our other friends, who we were sad to see go a few months ago. But whom we get to go see in October when we go see Sufjan Stevens in concert, because Louis loves me and is so nice. Anyway, I might even have TWO drinks throughout the evening, as I won’t have to nurse Soren for many hours. Yes, you could say that I’m not much of a drinker.;

Ok, that’s better. Thanks for listening.

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  1. ModernHippieMama says:

    pity parties and birthdays are not friends….

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