A good idea

There’s a whole, wide world out there that I’ve just discovered: Couponing. Not clipping coupons, which I’ve done religiously for years. Capital C Couponing. This world is hardcore about coupons and bargains and FREE STUFFS. I like that about it. I used to be really excited about seeing a total savings of 50% on my receipt: now at least 70% is required for that sense of shopping success, that feeling of, “I WIN SHOPPING!” Granted, I get most of our produce and meat through our CSA, so my shopping at the store involves mostly the items that can be gotten way, way on sale. In addition to stocking up and freezing things that are in season (blueberries are a perfect example of this: I have bags of frozen blueberries to last until next year’s blueberry crop), getting boxes of cereal en masse when they can be procured for less than a dollar a box (if not FREE) is an excellent time. I make our bread and yogurt, but I’m serious about only ever buying organic milk, so that’s a fairly big expense. I WILL NOT shop at Walmart unless there’s a REALLY good deal (like getting $4 to get a free starter kit and refill of Dryel, for example, like I did last week), because I value my dignity too much. When I went to get the Dryel, the checker yelled at me for inadvertently giving her one too many coupons and renewed my decision to NEVER SHOP THERE. True Story. Anyway, there are websites (so, so many websites) that evaluate ads and coupons available and match them and tell you about it. The best ones I’ve found are:

Fabulessly Frugal
The Krazy Coupon Lady
Money Saving Mom
Saving Naturally
Couponing for 4
Freebies 4 Mom

Yes, the intention misspellings and uses of the number 4 DO bother me, thanks for asking. Tolerance is worth it, I think.

If you’re into that kind of thing.

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  1. Elessar says:

    oh, I am so into that kind of thing. It's on like Donkey Kong.

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