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A few days ago, Soren took his first step. I know, you would have liked to have known about this momentous event when it happened. Needy, all of you.

Anyway, it was really more of a controlled fall with motivation: he was standing at the ottoman (the cushy one that we brought up from the basement to replace the face-smashing coffee table) and I knelt a few feet away and tried to entice him to step. To be perfectly honest, my mom told me the day before that he just might have done something similar with her, a suggestion which I quickly shut down. If his first steps didn’t happen in my sight, they didn’t happen. I knew I needed to get a move on if I was going to definitely be witness to Soren’s first steps. Because what milestone is more momentous and mythical than a baby’s first steps? None. Louis was there videotaping the interaction, so it was a good time. And yes, there is video of his first steps, taken in eyeshot of both his parents. Perfect.

Anyway, Soren took one or two steps to me three times in a row, then wouldn’t do it again for a few days. He was still primarily walking with both of our hands, so I felt confident asserting that he was still ages and ages and at least a month away from walking. This afternoon, in his glee that I was home and he was home and WE WERE HOME TOGETHER AT LAST 4EVER, he practically skipped around the house hardly even holding just one of my fingers. After his bath tonight, he had his usual naked time (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, says Soren), and he was so happy about being naked and free! that he walked with his arms out to his sides between the couch and ottoman. At least 4 of those joined steps were hands-free. I’m thinking walking is closer than a month away. The kid wants to MOVE.

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