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Remember this summer when I posted about how I was really bummed that I didn’t apply for a particular job opening before it was filled and closed? I had this funny little thought that it would be really cool and was a valid possibility that I would just be so amazing at completing the job for free that they would decide to offer me a job. Yeah, right, I kept telling myself.

And then my supervisor asked all of the psychologists in one of our meetings if they would be ok if she asked if I was hired for PAY for an additional two days per week of work. And all of the desperately overworked psychs said YES PLEASE CAN HAZ. So, I submitted an application, asked a few people to write me letters of recommendation, and then before I so much as had an interview, I received a call asking me to come in and set up my information with HR. And that’s how I got a magic job.

Unfortunately, I’m still working those other two days a week unpaid, which brings us (if you’re good at math you’ll know this one already) to four whole days of work. And Soren does not like it, and I do not like it. It’s only for a few months, of course, but it’s going to be a rough few months.

A gal from my playgroup comes to watch Soren for a couple of hours in the morning so that Louis can get to work on time; totally worth every penny. My mom isn’t so much great at getting to our house at a reasonable hour, but she does watch him for free three days (plus!) and one overnight a week. Bryn is great, and she brings her little girl (who is a few months older than Soren) most of the time. I think it’s good for him to spend time with other children. And! Bryn uses cloth diapers, so she’s totally ok with using ours. My dad will also be watching Soren one day per week, too, but not until hunting season ends. Ohh, hunting season. And that day, Soren will get to hang out with his cousins! Yay!

I haven’t worked this much (over 30 hours a week! WHAT?!) in about 2 years, and I don’t think working full time is a good idea for human beings. Part of my new paycheck (PAYCHECK!) is an improved and expanded coffee budget. Oh, coffee.

Maybe the best news is that I will finish my entire internship in only one year instead of two. Next year I will be fully certified and be able to get a real big girl job where I get paid for all of the days that I work.

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6 Responses to Update from a prior whiny blog

  1. brianna says:

    Ooh, shorter certification means SHORTER TIME BEFORE MOVING BACK!!!!

    Ahem, cause you are moving back, right?

  2. Elessar says:

    when you wrote "paycheck (paycheck!)" I heard an echo, as if you had background singers…

    @Bri: who wants to move back to california? Honestly. I'm telling you – choose the state you want to move to, and escape.

  3. Elessar says:

    wtf. Take your spam comments elsewhere.

  4. Gaby says:

    Sooo exciting! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been discouraged in my quest for internship hours, so it’s nice to hear about it actually working out for someone. *And* you’re getting paid? Enjoy your hard earned coffees. All that being said, I totally get the bittersweet reality of returning to a full-time-ish job. I’ve been so spoiled with my part-time school, part-time work set up that I actually have bad dreams about working 40 hour weeks. And I don’t have a baby at home who would miss me. It sounds like Sorren’s got a good setup for some developmental scaffolding, though. That’s something.

    • lindswing says:

      I remind myself all the time that I’ve spent lots and lots of time with him up to now, and try to be very deliberate in getting lots of quality time when I am home with him. Thanks for noticing my developmental scaffolding. (That is my new favorite term.) I hope you get intern hours, Gaby; they have to be out there, especially if getting paid isn’t on your “must” agenda. A paycheck is really a treat in this world, tragically. And really, enjoy the last of your flexible life. I had forgotten how much I looked forward to my grad school schedule before hand when I was working full time.

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