Drama, Drama.

Last night, I couldn’t get hot water with which to wash my face (something I have done religiously before bed since I was in 7th grade; there are literally 3 exceptions in all those years to my doing this- If only I were Religious so religiously). Louis brushed it off (dishwasher, laundry, Soren’s bath hours and hours ago), but I knew. It was too icy cold. My first act upon waking was to rush to the kitchen to run the hot water. HOT WATER FAIL. Just over a year ago, we realized that our furnace wasn’t working, and on a cold, Friday night, just as with this. This time baby wasn’t whom we feared for, but for our own smelly selves. We had plans to meet my friend and her family at the park at noon to take family pictures of each other before the leaves all fell and the rain settled in for the next many, many months. Louis managed to save the day and find a company who had employees working today who would make everything better, but not until after noon. Fortunately, we are very blessed and can afford a gym membership at a place with nice showers that are (usually way, way too) hot. In cabanas, no less, so there’s no sharing public bench/shower space with unbelievably saggy 90 year old ladies who lounge about the locker rooms for what must be hours on end without a stitch of clothing on their persons. Cabanas are truly wonderful things. And! You can take your whole family in, so Louis can hold the baby while I shower, and we can both help Soren wiggle into his swim diaper! Genius! Whoa, where was I?

I sent Louis to shower while I tried to put Soren down for a nap. Soren was having NONE of that, so I ended up spending an hour and a half in pursuit of Soren’ nappy nap time and possibly losing a few days of lifetime in the process. There are few things more frustrating than spending an hour and a half trying to get the baby down for a nap. I’m pretty sure his recent resistance to going to sleep is related to the amount of time he’s been spending away from me. Sad face. Louis also just pointed out that he’s really into doing what we do all the time (see: Louis’ most recent video on facebook), but we do NOT take naps or go to bed when he does. My (incessant mommy) guilt may be somewhat assuaged! Whoa, lost again.

Oh, so I went and showered, too, blah blah blah. We took pictures, we had fun/Soren had fun and we wished he would cooperate. That child, like whoa. He wanted to stare through the fence at the children in the playground. He wanted to pile dirt on things. He wanted to run around the bases of trees, he wanted to run and fall and get up and run and fall and get up through the leaves. He occasionally wanted to smile at Jayden, and he really wanted to scream and try to throw himself out of our arms when we wanted him to smile for the camera. There were a few successful shots, thank goodness. My standards are lower than in years past. All looking in the general direction of the camera? Soren not screaming? PERFECT.

Then, Louis and Soren went home to save the hot water heater, and I took a few more pictures of the other family. Louis texted me that he couldn’t find his keys, only mine, but I didn’t worry too much about it, as keys have a way of turning up. They haven’t. Louis went and searched the part for maybe an hour more, but no keys, and the police haven’t heard anything, either. Boo. We’ll try, try again tomorrow. Then I had a headache and drove to Spokane anyway to get 40% off everything at the GAP! YAY! This brings us to the present. I know that you do all love reading play-by-plays of my life, so, You’re Welcome.

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  1. alyssa says:

    This makes me sad that our leaves are all wet (sad face).
    very cute!

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