DISCLAIMER: Biological Clock, Beware!

Soren is in this period of phenomenal growth, particularly where receptive language is concerned. I don’t know how many times a day I tell him to do something I have no expectation of his being able to do, I just say it conversationally, and then he DOES it. It’s incredible. This morning, I said “oh my goodness!” to something he jabbered at me, and he immediately echoed “ah my gudn!” It was precious. Having a child is perhaps the most fun thing in the world. Oh, we also just taught him to “raise the roof.” Heh.

(Louis just said that he thinks that Sarah Palin, who he dislikes in general, would make a better president than Barack Obama, and my head just exploded, explodey, kaput, bye-bye.)

Soren can say, pretty independently, probably about 15 words right now, which is definitely above the curve (not that I like to brag, cough). He’s a very chatty child, and his conversational prosody is remarkably like spoken English. It’s fun. He loves carrying around bags with handles, as well as moving heavy things and, suddenly, wearing hats. If we do it, he must as well. He’s still fantastically passionate about identifying hot things, and he officially has spoken his first sentence (repeatedly, so it’s a real accomplishment): “It’s hot!” Yep. Brilliant little thing.

Tonight for dinner, Soren ate a veggie patty from Costco, two mandarin oranges (and he would have eaten probably a half dozen of them, but I’m afraid of the effect of that much citrus on his digestive tract), a cup of fresh pressed cider, about 1/3 cup of black beans, a bunch of feta cheese, 1 baby marshmallow that fell out of the cupboard, a lot of bites of my soup, and the tip of a slice of pumpkin pie, because I am a nice mama. Sometimes, he’ll eat like 5 cheerios and 2 banana slices and call it a breakfast; his meal quantities are completely unpredictable.

Something happened at my church this morning that I still need to simmer down from in order to write about. But I NEED to write about it. Gaby, you’ll understand me, won’t you? I’m going to go with yes. Brandon might have lost his mind if he had been there. I nearly walked out. So, watch for THAT good time.

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5 Responses to DISCLAIMER: Biological Clock, Beware!

  1. dc3 says:

    Soren is a genius. In fact, he might just make a better president than our current one. Would he do anything? No. He’d stay out of the way and let the market do it’s thing. And that is because Soren is a genius.

    Lovies! ;-)

  2. dc3 says:

    I bet president-elect Soren has a very strong opinion on global warming? “It’s hot!”

  3. auntlouise says:

    could you please teach him to say “Aunt Louise?” :-)

  4. Jenny says:

    How do you make those smiley faces?
    I liked this blog.

  5. Gaby says:

    I’m ready for the rant, Lindsey! If you nearly walked out, we probably would have, too. I will empathically respond and probably nod knowingly as I read it…

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