A Story

Once upon a time there was a girl. This girl did NaBloPoMo for so many years that it became a tradition, nay, an obligation.

Sometimes, the girl regretted this decision and wrote tiny, baby blogs on some days. Then, one year the girl did this frequently, almost daily. She even missed a day. And then she stopped caring about NaBloPoMo. At least until next year.

The End.

About lindswing

Once upon a time, I was born, grew up a little bit, did some stuff, and now I have a blog. I deeply respect the Oxford comma.
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2 Responses to A Story

  1. auntlouise says:

    once upon a time there was an aunt, who lived far, far away from the girl (her niece) who wrote blogs. she loved reading the girl’s blogs, as this was a way for her to get to know the girl and her family better, and besides, she was nosy. (notice all the commas) when she read that the girl wasn’t going to continue writing every day, which she could totally understand, by the way, she was distraught. she thought, now what will i do? hopefully the girl will have a heart and relent, and write something at least every couple of days, so the aunt won’t have to keep whining about having nothing to read.

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