15 Months, alternately titled: Triumphant!

Soren had his 15 month well-child checkup on Tuesday morning. He weighs 27 lbs, 10 oz (85th percentile), is 33 inches long (93rd percentile), and his head circumference is still hanging on to the 30th percentile.

Our pediatrician, the one who told me to stop breastfeeding at a year and to let our baby “fuss himself to sleep” when he was but two weeks old, told us that our still-breastfed, still-not sleeping 12 hours straight child is a particularly friendly and personable little one. Our co-sleeping, attachment-parented, alternate-schedule vaccinated, cloth diapered baby has an especially large vocabulary and listens much better than most children his age. From the most popular pediatrician in town. BOO YA. I’m sorry, did you say Baby Wise? That’s right: Gary Ezzo can suck it.

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4 Responses to 15 Months, alternately titled: Triumphant!

  1. dc3 says:

    Why do you stay with that pediatrician? There are 49 covered by our insurance in the area…

  2. lindswing says:

    He’s the most popular pediatrician in town for a good reason: he’s very personable. He usually takes a pretty reasonable approach to things, and he is good about respecting differences of opinion with parents when it’s not a big deal. He is usually very encouraging, as well, and he’s one of the few who are good about letting you do the alternate vaccine schedule. If you met him, you’d see. We considered switching after our 9 month appointment (when he told me to stop breastfeeding at a year), but he’s waaay backed off on that issue and now even factors it into how much cow’s milk we should be giving Soren per day. Anyway, we like him, is the thing.

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