“Due dates” are just very rough estimates

Mothering magazine just published an extensive article on the rise of Caesarean deliveries. One statistic it notes is that 47% of labors in 2005 in the US were induced (here is a good little link on induced labor). Almost fifty percent of women weren’t given the chance to go into spontaneous labor! Unreal. No wonder nearly a third of labors end in c-sections (32% ish). I don’t think the fault lies with mothers at all, though, but with doctors. Low rates of successful breastfeeding, I think, are also a societal problem, heavily the fault of the medical community. Both c-sections and formula save babies’ lives, but their over-application also, tragically, raise infant mortality overall. Anyway, it’s a really long article, but good. If you’re in to that sort of thing, you should read it.

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