16 Months.

Why don’t I tell you what Soren has been up to.

He got all four of his molars over my Christmas break. FUN! Not fun, but now he can chew all sorts of tasty (and also inedible) things.

When we sit down to dinner to pray, he now reaches out his hands to grab ours, and at the end when we say ‘amen,’ he sometimes lifts his head and gasps. CUUUTE. So cute.

He’s begun nodding and shaking his head in response to us. Wowowow. Cute, yet, annoying! I expect this will be a trend as he continues to grow and learn to do progressively more complex things.

The time-outs continue, though rarely, still. He is very intentional during the times he is naughty, and those are the times he gets time-outs. I think he’s maybe had one or two (20 second) time-outs in the past week. We reserve the right to spank him at some later date, but I, at least, do not currently plan on doing so.

He has learned to knock on doors. Super cute, except when accompanied by screaming whenever I go into the bathroom. Soren is adamant that he always accompany me into the bathroom. I figure this will stop by, oh, 4th grade. I know that in 8 years (and hopefully more like 2 years), this will no longer happen. I can survive 8 years.

There are so many things! Which to choose?

Soren no longer cries or fusses when it’s time to go to Sunday School or play care at the gym. He’s not thrilled that we’re leaving and he’s delighted when we return, but it’s nice to walk away without his wee cries behind us. So many fun toys!

His run is so bouncy and cute! We occupy him when we are busy by sending him back and forth between us with jobs to do: “Take this [random thing at hand] to dada!”

Soren can feed himself impressively well now. It’s very nice. And then he likes to dump out his bowl and toss it on the floor. Eh, it’s something.

He is so busy and so happy and so funny and so enjoyable. 16 months is a lot of fun, and also quite exhausting. I like him.

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2 Responses to 16 Months.

  1. Alyssa says:

    “He is so busy and so happy and so funny and so enjoyable. 16 months is a lot of fun, and also quite exhausting. I like him.”

  2. Chris says:

    Aww, very cool. Sounds like fun for you guys.

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