So exhausted

To put it somewhat mildly, it’s been a dramatic couple of weeks in our district. I worked 8 hours just on Saturday and Sunday, for example, and I should be doing a file review rather than typing this. I also managed to go for two bike rides, work in the garden for two hours, go to breakfast with just Louis, take two walks, sleep in both days (thanks to Friday night church! woo!), and attend a particularly intense yoga class this weekend. My crocuses are blooming and the snow is almost gone! Three months from today is the last day of school! There is hope.

Back at work, today I had to stop by my house to pick up the bottle of Tums as I drove madly between my buildings. My jaw aches from gritting my teeth with a mix of nervousness and stress for the past 96 hours or so. My head is kind of pounding. Did I mention that Soren hardly let me sleep last night? Though, it’s hardly his fault that I was only in bed for a few hours, and those happened to be the few hours he is in bed with us. If this goes on another couple of nights, spring break will be the formal end of shared sleep for that little one. Poor little one. He’s just so darned snuggly! And grabby. And whiney. Babies get too many teeth, you know?

Anyway, I’m going to go do that file review so I can go to bed. Then work on my day off tomorrow. Aw, man. This will be the most earned spring break of my LIFE (a week and a half, a week and a half…). I love my job, and I mean that I really LOVE my job, but yow, I need a break. A languorous, delicious, sunny, summer break.

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2 Responses to So exhausted

  1. Amanda says:

    I hope that your summer arrives quickly, and is every bit as relaxing as you need it to be!
    I am in agreement with you that babies get far too many teeth.

  2. Alyssa says:

    I’m sorry:( Praying for your sanity of course:P

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