I haven’t written about Soren’s sleep patterns in a long while, mostly because I’m unreasonably (by default) superstitious, and I didn’t want to jinx anything. He’s been in a holding pattern for many months now, though, even through four molars and two (almost four) eyeteeth, so I’m just going to casually mention how he perhaps sleeps sometimes? (Though, actually, almost every night) About half of the time, for both naps and sleep, he begins asking, “Night-night?” as the appointed time approaches. His naps tend to be 2-3 hours, except at my parents’ houses, when he almost always chooses to awaken after a mere hour. Unfortunately, this occurs 3-4 days per week. We still cuddle him before he goes to sleep, but we can lay him down drowsy and he’ll almost always snuggle into his pillow; sometimes, he gets rather insistent that we pat his bum while he drifts off. At night, it’s about the same. He still nurses for a couple of minutes, and then when his eyelids start to droop, I (or Louis) lay him down, he rolls onto his side, and almost always falls asleep without even a bum pat. This happens usually around 7 pm, even though it’s still light out at 7.

THEN, he frequently stays that way until 3 am. That means 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Well, not for me, of course, because I have Things to Do. Important Things. I can get a good 5 hours, though, if I’m disciplined with my hypothetical 10 pm bedtime (IF, ha!). At 3 am, he will just stand in his crib and point toward our room, telling Louis, “Mama,” if Lou hesitates at all to ferry him into bed with us. Most nights, he’s a nice little snuggler; some nights, I resolve that I’m never sleeping with him and his grabby, grabby hands again ever, ever, amen. Then, the next night, he lays his little head on my shoulder and throws his wee arm around my neck and stays put until my alarm goes off. The worst thing about him sleeping with us right now is that our room is much brighter than his in the mornings (white curtains instead of his dark brown, and windows that face East-ish), so he’s been popping awake at the crack of dawn, ready to take on the day. Soren’s so damned emphatic when he’s ready to take on the day, jumping and hollering and pointing and crawling off the bed so that he can run around getting into mischief. He’s a morning person, I suppose. This usually occurs around 6:30 or so. SIX THIRTY. And Soren has no respect for weekends, bless him. And by ‘bless him,’ I mean, ‘I really wish he understood that one should always sleep in on weekends.’

So there you have it. There is hope for us all. Even without cry-it-out, my kiddo can fall asleep in his crib, staying put for hours at a time. If he were still awakening every 2 hours to nurse? Cry-it-out would almost certainly at least be on the table by this point. But hey! The No Cry Sleep Solution wins again! No crying! More sleeping! Months and months of it. And lo, I felt happy.

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