Growing up so fast!

I kid you not, less than five minutes after I published that last blog, Soren woke up and had a horrendous night. Horrible. And you wonder why I’m superstitious.

It actually kicked off the worst several weeks of co-sleeping that we’ve had. I’m a person who likes consistency and not being flailed at and upon. He’s occasionally had similarly restless nights, but they’ve been few and far between and always bookended by especially calm and cuddly nights. Not lately. Lately, it’s all misery and boo and unhappiness.

So, last night at bedtime, I told Soren he was going to spend the whole night in his crib like a big boy. And, save for cuddling and nursing twice, he did. What a champ. He’s been pretty restless so far because of a sniffly nose, so who knows how it’ll look tonight, but Louis and I have suddenly decided we’re ready to have Soren sleeping in his own bed all night.

Oh my gosh. This musical Grey’s Anatomy is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. WHY.

Ahem, I know you are all very curious about Soren’s current sleep habits.

ALSO, THIS SHOW IS TERRIBLE. Maybe you thought it already was, but holy cow, this is a whole new level. SO BAD. SO HATEFUL.

I can’t write a blog at a time like this. I’m being assaulted by this terrible episode of doom.

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