“Dear Lindsey,” I imagine you all (you?) writing, “What is with the hideously boring play-by-plays about Soren’s sleep habits? Do you honestly think any of us (I) care? We (I) don’t. Pull it together, lady. Love, your readers (reader).”

I’m not really sure why the thing I’ve defaulted to writing about is how Soren’s been sleeping. It’s borderline cruel, I think. I feel guilty for not blogging (not just Catholics, Gaby!), and I have a billion things I think that maybe I’d enjoy writing about, but then I sit down and open WordPress, and then sit there. Most of the time, I just close the tab and move on with my life, more guilty about depriving the internet of my genius. What’s that? No one cares? Excellent.

I’ve been working a lot a lot, and while I deeply love my job and think it’s an absolutely wonderful fit for me, I cannot wait for summer. Because while I enjoy doing the work that I do, I cannot stand working full-time. Being away from Soren this much and leaving the house in such a perpetual state of disarray as it is in is hideous. Hate it. Hate hate hate. A few weeks ago, I worked 82 hours in a 7 day period. EIGHTY TWO HOURS. I get paid, to put it in perspective, for 15 hours a week (I only get paid for two of the four days per week I officially work, due to being an intern). Contract hours are silly- I don’t know a single person who works even close to as few hours are we’re paid to work in our contract. Us greedy, greedy, heartless educators. Special ed teachers are definitely the worst; I get emails from the special ed teachers in my buildings at utterly horrible times (11:30 pm, 4 am, weekends). If the job requires more work than there are hours in the workday, then that’s what we do. Like I said, we’re in this for the huge, huge salaries and easy-breezy work schedule.

The State of Idaho has decided that we are ineffective, useless, lazy sons-of-bitches, so education funding is being cut to teacher salaries (teachers who live in state and spend their sad little paychecks in state) and instead being channelled to computer manufacturers and for-profit online education companies, all out of state (though, curiously, who gave a LOT of money to getting the current Not-so-superintendent elected in November). So, not only will it decrease the effectiveness of education in Idaho, it will send money that was usually spent in state to other states. GENIUS. Even less money for the state to use for fund education. I should note, that one of the primary arguments is that education in Idaho has been getting worse, but IT’S NOT TRUE. More kids know how to read, more kids are meeting math and science goals, and more kids are getting the early intervention help they need to keep them from becoming a more expensive case to fix down the road. It’s like the legislators decided that being elected meant that voters decided that the legislators know everything, and no amount of ACTUAL FACTS will ever change their minds. Hateful, weasley legislators. When in actuality, the only condition for getting elected in Idaho is having an (R) after your name on the ballot. Even if you’re being prosecuted for income tax evasion and (literally) stealing timber off of land in trust for the Idaho Department of Education, you can get re-elected because almost no one in Idaho knows anything about politics other than that they will only ever vote for a Republican. Now, there are massive movements to recall Luna (the superintendent) and referendums to repeal the horrible education-killing legislation, but I’d venture to guess that half the people who are very involved and even more who passively support those movements voted for the people who are responsible. And they will do the same thing next election.

Whew, now I’m all fired up. And Soren’s awake! So, I’m going to go play with him and read a million books.

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One Response to Dumm.b.

  1. Alyssa says:

    If its any comfort to you…I am a regular and die hard reader.
    Fully dedicated.
    which isn’t hard to do lately, as you take up about 10 minutes a month.lol.
    but, I assure you…there are at least two:P

    I am so sorry. I do not envy your going ons lately.
    and praise God you love your job and what you do….cause it would be hell if you didn’t.
    Ya for summer…breaks and lots of soren on the beach:P


    p.s. what are your goings on around memorial day…(or the week leading up to that weekend?

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