I worked at Starbucks when they started the registering your Starbucks card thing, and so I did. I even had it on auto-reload for about a year as a way of budgeting how much I could spend there per month. When they started the Gold Card program in 2008, Starbucks sent me a free Gold Card! Yay! I get free soy, other add-ons, and frequently other free offers (whenever a new product comes out, I get at least one free, plus a free drink for my birthday and after ever 10 purchases). They get my business way more frequently, because some places charge almost a dollar for soy. We both win!

Right after we got married, Louis and I signed up for a (free) Hyatt Gold Passport account, though, unfortunately, too late to get (tons of) points from our honeymoon stay. Still, we’ve had the card forever. A few months ago, Hyatt sent us a credit card offer that included two free nights at any Hyatt in the world, anytime. You better believe we went ahead and signed up, and we moved our monthly expenses that we pay off every month to the Hyatt card to get points for more free nights. And we just booked our two free nights, after which we plan to cancel the card, our last one. (We will still have a line of credit from the bank with simple interest that we used just today to pay off our big credit card, glory glory, and then no more credit cards for us!).

We are going to Carmel, California for two nights in August. Soren is not invited. If we were paying real dollars for the room instead of no dollars, the room would cost $1070.00 for the two nights. ELEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. We still have to pay taxes on the room, but it’s still cheaper than a Motel 6 for 2 nights in most places. Southwest had a cheepy-cheep sale, and we’ll probably rent a little car because it’s cheaper than the shuttle one-way from the airport. I am so excited I don’t even know what to do with myself. I guess I should probably make sure my mom can babysit… CARMEL. Mmm.

Anyway, it’s a good deal to get in on things early. Do it.

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7 Responses to Getaway!

  1. alyssa says:

    Sounds like fun! AAaaand…omg…what a view/hotel/everything. Your brave….I still can not stomach the over-night thing…..but good for you.

  2. lindswing says:

    Soren already stays at my mom’s about a night a week, and I left him with Louis for a three-night weekend recently. This will be our first time leaving town overnight together without him, though. I thought I’d be a wreck the whole time I was gone over Memorial Day, but while I missed Soren a LOT, it was absolutely delightful to stay up late and sleep in and only cut up dinner for myself. Oh, man, Alyssa. It is a good time.

  3. Chris says:

    That’s awesome!!

  4. Jessica says:

    While you’re in Carmel, you guys HAVE to stop by the Cheese Shop for a wine and cheese flight. Leiko and I were wandering around on bikes and happened to find the place. We had fun pedaling back to our room afterwards.

  5. Gaby says:

    So excited for you two! What a perfect way to use your awesome free* getaway. Have tons of fun!


  6. Katie Hund says:

    CARMEL!!! when you get bored with eachother, stop by and say hi!!

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