Toddlers make your laptop sticky.

Given all of the things I’ve NOT blogged about in the past months, it’s hard to see anything recent as worthy of blog space. Maybe the answer is that I should kill my blog? Let’s be serious, that’s not going to happen. My generation is incredible self-absorbed, and I am part of my generation. Cough. Or something.

As you all know, we tried to potty train Soren earlier this summer, but we eventually gave up. He would have accidents five minutes after going potty, and it just felt like too much work. Recently, Soren was becoming increasingly annoyed with the process of getting a diaper changed, so we always told him while being changed with his knees crunched up into his face that he wouldn’t need to endure diaper changes if he would (please, please, just) go in the potty. Louis and I talked about maybe using the long Labor Day weekend to devote ourselves to potty training again, but decided that no, we weren’t interested in spending the weekend next to the potty. Until Saturday morning of that weekend when Soren told Louis, “No diaper, undies! No pee pee in undies! Pee pee in potty!” And so, Soren was potty trained.

Did you need all of the sentences before those last two? Nope!

We still go through a few outfits and pairs of undies per day most days, but he’s pretty much set. Besides naps and bedtime, Soren never wears diapers any more. Like a champ.

Soren got a fish for his birthday. Best $0.29 we ever spent. Child is absolutely in love with his fish. It is, as you might have guessed by its extraordinary price tag, a wee goldfish. Soren named it ‘Blue’ for its color (oh, wait). Go figure with that one. He can sing his ABC’s, count into the teens, recognize most shapes and letters, and dance like he’s not related to his parents, but he has not learned most of his colors. Of course, he DID just add purple to his repertoire of known colors (pink, purple, white), so maybe I’m being preemptive in my worry. Is there a kind of color blindness where you can only see colors in the Barbie aisle?

You know what happens to your lawn that you paid a lot of money to have re-seeded and fertilized in the spring, making it emerald green and lush as a rainforest, when you neglect to water it for like 2 months of over-90 degree days? It turns brown. Sad. If only we HAD installed automatic sprinklers instead of spending almost $800 (after insurance, CURSE YOU ANTHEM) at the ER when I hurt my finger adjusting the sprinkler. Sad.

UPDATE: since writing this a couple of days ago, Soren has demonstrated his ability to identify both brown and black. So that’s cool.

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  1. Alyssa says:

    Jaden refuses to say eight. He does not say it therefore it does not exist. Noway. Never. No How!

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