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Once upon a time, I was born, grew up a little bit, did some stuff, and now I have a blog. I deeply respect the Oxford comma.

Attention, Louis. Since AT&T prefers to not deliver my text messages to you in a timely fashion.

I have nothing interesting to add to the Internet tonight. Dear Louis, In case you read this before the text message that I sent you (rather than walking downstairs to tell you in person), will you please turn off the … Continue reading

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Pee Pee, also: HALP (could also be titled “therapy session notes” if you were a counselor)

We bought Soren a Bjorn potty chair a few months ago. It’s red, awesome, and Soren pretty much loves it. We also bought him the book Potty by Leslie Patricelli, who writes the most precious and adorable of all children’s … Continue reading

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I worked at Starbucks when they started the registering your Starbucks card thing, and so I did. I even had it on auto-reload for about a year as a way of budgeting how much I could spend there per month. … Continue reading

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A & Q

A: YES. Q: Did Soren sleep 11 straight hours last night? A: Almost certainly not. Q: Will he do it again tonight? Or, you know, ever? A: Glorious. Q: How did it feel? A: He’s slept straight through until morning … Continue reading

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(Not Actually) Quickly!

Earlier, Soren wanted bubbles, so I made a batch of bubbles. “I bow bubble!” He said. Then he blew his first successful bubble. Our church teaches from Baby Wise. Let me say that again: OUR CHURCH TEACHES FROM BABY WISE. … Continue reading

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you’re going to want to go ahead and full screen this one.

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

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If you don’t like bad words, don’t watch this video.

If you like funny things, do watch this video.

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“Dear Lindsey,” I imagine you all (you?) writing, “What is with the hideously boring play-by-plays about Soren’s sleep habits? Do you honestly think any of us (I) care? We (I) don’t. Pull it together, lady. Love, your readers (reader).” I’m … Continue reading

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Growing up so fast!

I kid you not, less than five minutes after I published that last blog, Soren woke up and had a horrendous night. Horrible. And you wonder why I’m superstitious. It actually kicked off the worst several weeks of co-sleeping that … Continue reading

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I haven’t written about Soren’s sleep patterns in a long while, mostly because I’m unreasonably (by default) superstitious, and I didn’t want to jinx anything. He’s been in a holding pattern for many months now, though, even through four molars … Continue reading

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