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A & Q

A: YES. Q: Did Soren sleep 11 straight hours last night? A: Almost certainly not. Q: Will he do it again tonight? Or, you know, ever? A: Glorious. Q: How did it feel? A: He’s slept straight through until morning … Continue reading

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(Not Actually) Quickly!

Earlier, Soren wanted bubbles, so I made a batch of bubbles. “I bow bubble!” He said. Then he blew his first successful bubble. Our church teaches from Baby Wise. Let me say that again: OUR CHURCH TEACHES FROM BABY WISE. … Continue reading

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I haven’t written about Soren’s sleep patterns in a long while, mostly because I’m unreasonably (by default) superstitious, and I didn’t want to jinx anything. He’s been in a holding pattern for many months now, though, even through four molars … Continue reading

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Bam! Bam! Bam!

Just another article on cry-it-out. Mmm. I’m not sure why I’m suddenly so into reading about this stuff. Sorry for rarely stopping in to say hello other than rubbing in something that you probably get by now, if you’re still … Continue reading

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But seriously, do not babywise your children

‘Babywise’ Linked to Babies’ Dehydration, Failure to Thrive (oh, just another well-written article on why Baby Wise is the worst thing that ever happened ever except for maybe the Holocaust). There are a bunch of additional links at the bottom … Continue reading

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15 Months, alternately titled: Triumphant!

Soren had his 15 month well-child checkup on Tuesday morning. He weighs 27 lbs, 10 oz (85th percentile), is 33 inches long (93rd percentile), and his head circumference is still hanging on to the 30th percentile. Our pediatrician, the one … Continue reading

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Come along with me

Because, as you may have noticed, I’m not a huge fan of cry-it-out sleep methods, we decided that when the time was right, we would follow the sleep training method described in the book The No Cry Sleep Solution. A … Continue reading

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I’m going to go ahead and copy all of the information from this great handout I found down below rather than depend on anyone to click the link. This is the link, if you want to see for yourself. At … Continue reading

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