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(Not Actually) Quickly!

Earlier, Soren wanted bubbles, so I made a batch of bubbles. “I bow bubble!” He said. Then he blew his first successful bubble. Our church teaches from Baby Wise. Let me say that again: OUR CHURCH TEACHES FROM BABY WISE. … Continue reading

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I heard someone interviewed on npr a few days ago who said she was going to vote straight republican ticket simply because she said it was time for a change in Washington. The way she said it implied that the … Continue reading

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Woe and all of that

So, the pregnancy books, maybe I’ve mentioned, tell me that I’m no longer nauseated or getting up in the middle of the night to go pee. The pregnancy books are so funny. Unfortunately, I’ve realized that the two are connected. … Continue reading

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this one time i missed two classes and two quizzes in one night because the internet is ruining my life

oh my gosh i am a pathetic failure of the most massive sort. wah. i also hate blackboard. hatehatehate. and i’m listening to really weepy music, as per usual. it’s not helping. maybe i should put regina spektor back on … Continue reading

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