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The Colb.

I just learned that Colby almost only growls at other dogs when it’s just me walking him and barks ferociously at passing dogs almost exclusively when I’m home alone. Cutie.

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Remember when I used to blog every day? Those were good times.

Colby is twitching so incredibly in his dream that it looks like he’s having a seizure. I’m about 95% sure he isn’t. I have a test tomorrow for which I haven’t read the text. I know I’ve got half the … Continue reading

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A Change in Perspective

I’ve always considered myself someone who likes animals. Additionally, when asked, I say my favorite animal is a dog. The past week, however, I’ve been wondering if perhaps I’ve been wrong. This story begins with my retired neighbor and her … Continue reading

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It’s snowing again

If Colby had been one of Pavlov’s dogs, classical conditioning would never have gotten off the ground. If you aren’t familiar with Pavlov‘s experiment, let me briefly explain. Pavlov took a bunch of dogs and rang a bell, recording their … Continue reading

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I had expected to write a blog yesterday in order to wish you a Merry Christmas, but it obviously did not happen

My brother has a new girlfriend. A girlfriend of six days with whom he shared family holiday celebrations. I KNOW. He dated each of the last two girls for three years each or something, but I’ve never seen him like … Continue reading

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Because I know you’re all interested in stories about my dog

So, Colby apparently thinks that going inside and then coming inside is like hitting some kind of ‘reset’ button. If he’s done something bad (like drag the recycling all over the house) or we’re ignoring his pleas for sustenance (we … Continue reading

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The Damnest Dog

Louis and I came home to this after watching The Office at some friends’ house. Oh my gosh. The area in the dining room/living room was almost worse, but I didn’t have the heart to keep snapping pictures. Colby needs … Continue reading

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