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Good News

I just read that the man Barack Obama nominated to chair the DNC is pro-life! That’s exciting. His name is Tim Kaine, and he’s currently the Governor of Illinois. He is Catholic, and was actually a Jesuit missionary before going … Continue reading

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2009! Woo! 2009!

No, but seriously, didn’t 2009 used to seem sooo far away, like back in ’05? I know. I will become 26 years old this year. Ouch. This year, I resolve to do yoga at least once per week and drink … Continue reading

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This is my 200th blog post. Two-hundred. I know. Tomorrow is my fourth anniversary. FOUR YEARS! I know! Where-oh-where does time go? How is it possible that tomorrow is my final class of the semester? How is it possible that … Continue reading

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Today, the world is sunshiney-er than it was yesterday

Would you like to know why I’m smiling right now? THIS. The single greatest victory in the history of playthings. WIN! EPIC WIN! The scourge of Bratz dolls is coming to a sweet, sweet end. Toy baby prostitutes will be … Continue reading

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Sometimes, I like to check what Googled phrases bring people here, as many of them are impressively ridiculous. Since I know many of you are fans of ridiculosity, I thought I’d share. I will put my own comments in parentheses … Continue reading

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Notes from elementary school

(my kiddo) “LINDSEY! I’m really excited for someone I don’t even know!” “Oh? Whom?” “Our new President: Barack Obama!” “Aw, good, buddy. I’m excited, too!” —- (fourth grader marching around the playground before school) “NO TO OBAMA! NO TO OBAMA!” … Continue reading

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Corie, all over it.

I don’t have the mental capacity to post anything substantive. All I’ve got is WOOOOO!!! OBAMA!!! PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! WOOO! GO TEAM!!!! And I just joined Democrats for Life in order to get to work changing the party from the inside … Continue reading

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This is where I went running today. There are a lot of nice colors here.

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unexpected pieces

We were at the mall today (the real one, not the one in Coeur d’Alene), and there was a pack of girls wearing ankle-length skirts and their hair in bonnets. Also, socks and serious shoes. My first encounter with them … Continue reading

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It’s Biology

Could Political Views Be Driven By Biology? This article discusses a study that showed that people who had stronger responses to threats (or, in this case, nasty) tend to be more strongly in favor of things like military spending, the … Continue reading

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