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Let’s try a little stream of consciousness blogging, shall we?

This old thing? Soren says, “Bess you!” When you sneeze. Or when he sneezes. Any kind of sneezes, doesn’t matter who. Soren tries to write his name, and he can kind of write S. Sometimes. He definitely recognizes his name, … Continue reading

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I spent several hours today finishing up the yard and garden for winter. I mixed the compost (magic!) with the soil, and piled the (way more than I thought) rest of the leaves into a giant heap. Every inch of … Continue reading

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Foiled yet again my by my non-green thumb

Dear Garden, Why can’t you all be like your sisters the nightshade vegetables? Do you see how the tomatoes are thriving and producing fruit like crazy? Why, just today I had to spend thirty minutes staking them up, they’re such … Continue reading

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