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2009! Woo! 2009!

No, but seriously, didn’t 2009 used to seem sooo far away, like back in ’05? I know. I will become 26 years old this year. Ouch. This year, I resolve to do yoga at least once per week and drink … Continue reading

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This is my 200th blog post. Two-hundred. I know. Tomorrow is my fourth anniversary. FOUR YEARS! I know! Where-oh-where does time go? How is it possible that tomorrow is my final class of the semester? How is it possible that … Continue reading

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My fear of public speaking shrinks with every passing day

One of my professors had all of us in his class present posters based on papers we had written at a conference today at Gonzaga (where he also teaches). When I read in the syllabus that we had to make … Continue reading

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growing up

When I realized that I was about to turn 25, I freaked out a tiny bit. TWENTY-FIVE. My idea of age mecca when I was in grade school. A full quarter of a century, and half-way through my twenties. The … Continue reading

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