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pesticide-ADHD link

I recently read an article that talks about a study that found a link between pesticide exposure and ADHD. Go Organic! Woo!

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300th post!

Organic strawberries from the store DO taste better than non-organic strawberries from the store. Organic strawberries picked this morning and bought at the farmer’s market, however, will make you believe in God. If you’re not already so disposed, of course. … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court, however, IS essing around.

I know some of you enjoy my periodic rants about things that make me crazy with rage. This is going to be one of those rants, so you who fall into that category can begin rejoicing right about now. First, … Continue reading

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Our ultrasound to find out whether the baby is a boy or girl or very, very modest is on Thursday, April 9. I’m, naturally, hoping the baby is immodest, regardless of the implications later down the line. Louis and I … Continue reading

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Gloating, maybe?

Here’s the thing. I was wasn’t kidding when I said that I kind of liked that gas prices were high since it forced people to think twice about their fuel consumption. Also, consumption, period. But today, when I bought 11.5 … Continue reading

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Foiled yet again my by my non-green thumb

Dear Garden, Why can’t you all be like your sisters the nightshade vegetables? Do you see how the tomatoes are thriving and producing fruit like crazy? Why, just today I had to spend thirty minutes staking them up, they’re such … Continue reading

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Supply and Demand, or something.

I must admit that, while it hurts to see numbers in the forties when I fill up my car with gas, I’m pretty happy that gas is expensive. The more it costs, the less people drive. It’s not a secret … Continue reading

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