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PSA: what is your brain/life worth?

Would you say forty, fifty dollars? Then you should own a carbon monoxide detector. We came home after nine days traveling for Thanksgiving to our carbon monoxide detector alarming. My mom had been here a few hours prior to turn … Continue reading

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60 and SUNNY!

Sometimes, I leave my weather app open to Whittier, and then I get really excited. Then I feel sad and flip it back over to the weather here. 37 and chance of rain/snow. Sigh.

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Louis and I began our quest for a new church yesterday. The reasons for our being in this position are complicated and have been explained to the interested parties, so I’ll skip them. Anyway, we attended my dad’s church yesterday … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court, however, IS essing around.

I know some of you enjoy my periodic rants about things that make me crazy with rage. This is going to be one of those rants, so you who fall into that category can begin rejoicing right about now. First, … Continue reading

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Observations while living at the lake

I have a very strong affection for quail. Cutest. Bird. Ever. Sometimes, adolescence doesn’t go away. I have more things in common with my dad than I realized. The sunset looks prettier here. Wiggly babies are less nice to hold … Continue reading

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Let me tell you about my day.

I did not sleep last night. I was up throwing up repeatedly and being unable to breathe due to the nasty cold I’ve acquired. So, I called in sick, and spent most of my day in bed, woeful. I have … Continue reading

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This is where I went running today. There are a lot of nice colors here.

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