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Ch- Ch- Ch- Chia! I mean, Cheater.

I cheated ONCE in my educational career, and it is an event burned into my memory for all of time. I was sitting on my right knee, seated across from Mallory J., who everyone knew was the smartest kid in … Continue reading

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Really Sad

I read in the Spokesman this morning that an 8-year-old kid in Arizona has been accused of premeditatedly killing his father and his father’s friend. It’s horrible to think that two men are dead, and this kid will have this … Continue reading

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Notes from elementary school

(my kiddo) “LINDSEY! I’m really excited for someone I don’t even know!” “Oh? Whom?” “Our new President: Barack Obama!” “Aw, good, buddy. I’m excited, too!” —- (fourth grader marching around the playground before school) “NO TO OBAMA! NO TO OBAMA!” … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking a lot about trying juveniles as adults lately. I heard a blurb on npr not long ago about how common it has become to prosecute juveniles as adults if their crimes are particularly heinous. The reasoning seems … Continue reading

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