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Such a busy blogging day!

I just sent off my monthly letter to President Obama about the Freedom of Choice Act (which is horrible, horrible act). I actually used the form on the White House website, which was super easy. It also only permits 500 … Continue reading

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As promised, my first letter to Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President-elect Obama, As a 25-year-old Democrat who wore an Obama-Biden campaign button every day until the election, I would like to both congratulate you on your victory and address one issue.If you are committed to discovering God’s truth, … Continue reading

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Foiled yet again my by my non-green thumb

Dear Garden, Why can’t you all be like your sisters the nightshade vegetables? Do you see how the tomatoes are thriving and producing fruit like crazy? Why, just today I had to spend thirty minutes staking them up, they’re such … Continue reading

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