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Let’s try a little stream of consciousness blogging, shall we?

This old thing? Soren says, “Bess you!” When you sneeze. Or when he sneezes. Any kind of sneezes, doesn’t matter who. Soren tries to write his name, and he can kind of write S. Sometimes. He definitely recognizes his name, … Continue reading

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Attention, Louis. Since AT&T prefers to not deliver my text messages to you in a timely fashion.

I have nothing interesting to add to the Internet tonight. Dear Louis, In case you read this before the text message that I sent you (rather than walking downstairs to tell you in person), will you please turn off the … Continue reading

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I worked at Starbucks when they started the registering your Starbucks card thing, and so I did. I even had it on auto-reload for about a year as a way of budgeting how much I could spend there per month. … Continue reading

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I think it’s important that I write at least two blogs in February, right?

What does one even say after not blogging for nearly a month? Despite a four and a half day weekend, followed by a snow day, still silence? A week without facebook, even? I’m sorry, blog. I’ve neglected you. Please forgive … Continue reading

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15 Months, alternately titled: Triumphant!

Soren had his 15 month well-child checkup on Tuesday morning. He weighs 27 lbs, 10 oz (85th percentile), is 33 inches long (93rd percentile), and his head circumference is still hanging on to the 30th percentile. Our pediatrician, the one … Continue reading

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Peer Pressure

My mom asked me the other day if she should get “one of those myspace or facebooks?” I said no, please, please no. I have facebook for communicating with my friends of similar ages, particularly those who live in other … Continue reading

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Louis is helpful.

I can’t currently handle the smell of our dish soap, so anytime I need a dish washed promptly, I have to ask Louis to do it. And he does, usually without so much as a sigh. I appreciate that.

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I had expected to write a blog yesterday in order to wish you a Merry Christmas, but it obviously did not happen

My brother has a new girlfriend. A girlfriend of six days with whom he shared family holiday celebrations. I KNOW. He dated each of the last two girls for three years each or something, but I’ve never seen him like … Continue reading

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I have nothing to tell you people. It’s snowing, even though no snow was forecasted for today. I should have learned by now that weather reports mean nothing. I’m working on an assessment, and the kiddo displays coping skills never … Continue reading

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Growing up, my mom drove just as much as my dad, including when the whole family went somewhere. My mom really likes to drive, and my dad had to drive all over the place for work, so everyone won that … Continue reading

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